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Are you willing to sort food waste at home?

Having a 3 bin system would mean that your food waste needs to be separated from other non-recyclable waste in the kitchen... The third bin would take food waste as well as green garden waste.

Some considerations must be made for a 3 bin system to produce quality compost such as, the food waste can't be wrapped in plastic bags, it would have to be contained in biodegradable bags or just thrown as is in the bin.

This means that in the kitchen at home, you would have to separate your waste 3 ways also (recycling/food/general non-recyclable waste) For those that want a 3 bin system, have you considered this?

On the flip side of all this sorting at home- the end product of a 3 bin system is a higher grade compost than a 2 bin system. Does the quality of the product that is produced at the end of a waste management system concern you?

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