What can I do?

    Go to www.arrr.com.au to find out more on how you can help reduce waste. It is the LMCC site for waste education and provides updates on the Waste Strategy Project.

    How does a 2 bin system work?

    The 2 bin system consists of your current bins- one for recycling and for general waste.

    The processing of waste from the general rubbish bin is done by Council through an 'alternative waste treatment' system which uses a technique called tunnel composting. The technology allows for processes to extract contaminants and non-recyclables from the waste stream and produce low grade compost that is commonly used in mine site rehabilitation.

    Read more about similar projects.

    How does a 3 bin system work?

    With the 3 bin system LMCC is considering, there would be 1 bin for recycling, 1 bin for non-recyclable waste (nappies etc) and 1 bin for organic waste (food and green garden waste). With this system, the household would need to sort their waste at home for example, all food waste would need to be wrapped in newspaper or biodegradable bags or as is, into the third bin which would also take green garden waste such as clipping etc. This system works this way to prevent the organic recyclable waste from going to landfill, and by keeping it separate from the non-recyclable waste, it can then be used to produce a high grade compost.

    How can I comment in the online forums?

    Simply click on the SIGN UP tab at the top right hand of the page, when prompted provide a name (it can be your first name), a USERNAME and PASSWORD of your choice, a valid email address and the location in which you live. Your comments will appear anonymously under your chosen Username.

    What happens to waste, where does it go?

    Watch the film "The Story of Stuff" to learn about what happens to waste after you put in your bin.

    To view the film, click on this link http://storyofstuff.org/film.php