Describing Westy heritage

11 months ago
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How would you describe the heritage significance of the area, and from what do you think it is principally derived (e.g. the people / community, the buildings or the history?)

  • Sandra Jones 12 months ago
    West Wallsend is a highly valuable heritage area commencing with a small town being built around the newly constructed West Wallsend Coal Mine. The Museum Hotel is an original icon built to service the men from the mine and the town. The Hotel was built by William Johnson who sold some of his land to allow for the construction of the mine. While I no longer live in the town, it is still in my heart and blood as my Hunter family worked on the construction of the mine. My grandfather Douglas worked at the mine and I grew up in the town and lived there for 40 years.
  • J T Bowie 12 months ago
    As a 5th generation coal miner from Westy, I would have to be biased towards Westy's history as most significant. Without the mines in and around Westy the town would not exist. From the establishment of the mines came the people / community and the buildings .............
  • Kelly I 12 months ago
    West Wallsend’s Heritage has come from the working class mining community who settled in the area. This era reflects in the building styles & type still in the main business area, places of worship and homes.
  • roefs 12 months ago
    our heritage at West Wallsend is unique, it is derived from the people who live here and our mining history born from the blood sweat and tears from their families.