Express the heritage

11 months ago
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How can the heritage significance of the area be better expressed, acknowledged and interpreted?

  • Sandra Jones 12 months ago
    Firstly approve the West Wallsend Heritage and Mining Park. It has strong township commitment and we are only waiting for the NSW Government or Hunter Development Corporation to give the land back to Lake Macquarie Council for the West Wallsend community to begin to create it. Help restore the Museum Hotel and other heritage buildings while they still stand. Sign post the town as a Mining Heritage town. Thank you
  • J T Bowie 12 months ago
    I think plaques are a good idea, I have read them in other historic towns and they are interesting to visitors who would not know the local history of a village. For example I wonder how many would know the location in Westy where "scab" workers were brought by train from Sydney and were protected by 50 Red Coats with a Gatling Gun while striking workers picketed the gate ...........
  • G Hilditch 12 months ago
    Signs describing what the area was, ie Doctor Hollys house, the Movie theatre, maybe pave a walking trail of where the train line was and the tram line was. memorial to the original people and the butterfly caves
  • roefs 12 months ago
    Stop building fancy new houses that detract our heritage, design sensible improvements not destroy what we have here.
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    • G Hilditch 12 months ago
      I actually agree , coming back for many years away , the new houses spoilt my visit , but this happened many years ago when they built the New houses between Holmesville and the golf course. Love to see the houses being built maintain a heritage theme
  • Kelly I 12 months ago
    Assist by subsidising owners of Heritage properties (both commercial & residential) to restore & revitalise their buildings in keeping with Heritage guidelines to preserve them for future generations. Change the footpaths around the businesses in Withers & Carrington streets to a paved and tree line streetscape. Create shaded tree filled seated spaces around both of the Main Streets, with Heritage plaques, for people to gather & relax & to help encourage locals & visitors to stay in this area longer & buy locally. To emphasise the Heritage in a particular area, you need to over emphasise where it has come from. Involve the West Wallsend museum at the high school.