Heritage significance

11 months ago
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What are the three most significant heritage items or buildings in Westy?

  • Sandra Jones 12 months ago
    West Wallsend has a high heritage value for Lake Macquarie and the town. Especially the plan for the Mining and Heritage Park that would commemorate the beginning of the town and the people who built and worked in the mine. There is currently a project underway to create a heritage park adjacent to the Football field. This park will not only provide historic information but will provide a recreational area for the town and visitors.
  • J T Bowie 12 months ago
    As the township of West Wallsend was established on coal, I believe the most important Heritage Area is the site of the West Wallsend No1 Colliery, the site is part of West Wallsend just behind Wilson St. With its close proximity to the town it could be turned into a Mining Heritage Park with walking trails around the ruins of the pit structures, coal box piers and dam and the Poppet Head could be returned as the centre piece. All of Westy would benefit from a boost in the economy from visitors. 2nd would be the CBD, Carrington & Withers St, 3rd the Cemetery ......
  • G Hilditch 12 months ago
    reminants of the old Train station and its track towards Killingworth, the Butterfly Caves and the many pubs.... But also the Store , love to see it back to one historical building
  • Kelly I 12 months ago
    Main Street & their buildings, Post Office, Presbyterian Church
  • roefs 12 months ago
    The cemetery, Ladysmith and the main street.