Describing Westy?

11 months ago
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How would you describe West Wallsend to people who have never been there, and why they should visit the area one day?

  • Wallyone 12 months ago
    Westy is the type of old world mining village that really needs to be held up as an example of the early settlement of coal mining families mostly from the north of England and Scotland.To promote the area for tourism it needs a show place, one that not only tells that story with old photos. The written stories need to be acted out in a theatre style environment with people reliving those written memories. Or better still, it could be done without live action, by instead using hologram performances similar to those done at the Tourist Centre in Mt Gambier. This mode of showing a town's heritage is very memorable.
  • Lukefarr 12 months ago
  • Sandra Jones 12 months ago
    It is a wonderful heritage town that still shows its early founding around the West Wallsend Coal Mine. Historical buildings still survive today. The fact that its sits under Mount Sugarloaf gives it am ambience of tranquillity.
  • J T Bowie 12 months ago
    Westy is a quaint old coal mining town that has been largely unchanged for over 100 years. Its main street has an almost "Theme Park" look about it as a scene from a bygone era. This unique look of yesterday should be preserved. More emphasis on its coal mining history with more open space park like areas to demonstrate this, I am sure, would attract visitors to the town ............
  • G Hilditch 12 months ago
    Westy was like the end of the earth as a child, miles from anywhere , with bush and wild birds surrounding this fair town, it was home of many mining families that migrated from England , Scotland and other countries. Many of these families still live in the area...
  • Kelly I 12 months ago
    The original West Wallsend is an untouched and quaint township that still holds its sense of community and old fashioned charm. As recent residents restoring a Heritage listed building, we have been touched by how much our building and others still mean to the community. It’s a peaceful area with a country town feel, yet so close to everything.
  • roefs 12 months ago
    West Wallsend is unique and peacefull. visit to relax have a coffee and talk to people.