Significant Issues

11 months ago
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What are the three most important issues that Council should address in the project area?

  • Sandra Jones 12 months ago
    Give approval for the creation of the Heritage and Mining Park
  • Amymac 12 months ago
    I’d like to see kerbs and footpaths added to a lot of the older roads (I have to push my child’s stroller on the road currently). It would also be great to have a walking loop nearby, especially one that appreciates but respects the local bush land.The tiny old playground near the basketball courts and football fields could really use an upgrade as well.
  • J T Bowie 12 months ago
    1. More open space.2. Less development.3. More open space and less development .......
  • Kelly I 12 months ago
    Address the speeding cars along Withers Street between Carrington St & Appletree Road especially around the primary school. Since the increase of traffic due to the new subdivision, this stretch of road has become very dangerous. Improve footpaths in the Main Street to match a heritage village feel. Create allocated walking & cycle paths from the centre of the township to Edgeworth, Cameron Park etc.
  • roefs 12 months ago
    stop people from using our area as a dumping ground, fix the roads, protect our bushland.