Why does Westy need a Heritage Master Plan

    West Wallsend is “one of the most significant historic townscapes in Lake Macquarie” (City of Lake Macquarie Heritage Study, 1993).

    The purpose of this project is to develop a Master Plan, which includes a Streetscape Plan that will guide Council's investment in West Wallsend over the next 10-15 years. Central to the Master Plan will be the development of a clear vision and set of heritage design principles based on the community's aspirations and values for West Wallsend. This vision will form the blueprint for staged improvements to West Wallsend to reinforce its unique sense of place and historic character.

    The Master Plan will provide an opportunity to engage residents in decisions about the revitalisation of West Wallsend and to promote a sense of pride in the local area, raising awareness of the rich local heritage that survives.

    What is the project area of the Master Plan?

    The Master Plan will cover the township of West Wallsend, with a focus on the commercial areas of Carrington and Withers Streets. The Plan will address land owned or managed by Council including footpaths, local roads and parks, but will not address development on privately owned land.

    How can I can contribute to the Master Plan

    By attending the community workshop on Wednesday 7 November at the Holmesville Community Hall, or by visiting shape.lakemac.com.au/west-wallsend and joining the discussion forum.

    How is the Master Plan being funded?

    Council has a budget of $100,000 for this project, which has been funded by the NSW Government through the Heritage Near Me Program.