A wrap up of the seventh meeting of the Wyee West Paper Subdivision Development Plan Reference Group

The reference group met in early July and received updates on the status of consultant studies for the paper subdivision, including ecology, archaeology and cultural heritage, and geotechnical. A bushfire study is planned to commence in the coming weeks.

The group also further discussed options for infrastructure contributions, with a view to ensuring an infrastructure solution that is both equitable and affordable for all landowners.

In addition to an upfront payment, other options under investigation are:

  • a deferred payment scheme that would allow a landowner to pay a deposit prior to commencement of infrastructure works and the balance (including interest) within a few months of completion of works (potentially allowing landowners to borrow against the value of their serviced lot)
  • a land trading scheme available to owners of multiple lots or other lots considered to have subdivision potential (this would basically allow owners to pay for infrastructure with land instead of cash)
  • full dedication of land prior to infrastructure works and receipt of profit after sale of serviced lot and recovery of Council’s costs. (This would allow a landowner of a vacant lot to receive any profit from the uplift in property value achieved because of infrastructure works).
  • a voluntary charge on the Land Title that would require the infrastructure cost (plus accrued interest) to be repaid to Council when the property transfers. It would be up to the landowner to decide whether they make any repayments in the meantime. This option would likely only be offered to landowners for whom the paper subdivision is currently their principal place of residence.

The rest of the meeting was focused on Council’s continued compliance effort to monitor the area for new unauthorised development, including support and advice for residents currently living in the paper subdivision to help achieve long-term development goals for the area.

We intend to invite all paper subdivision landowners to consultation events once we have further refined both the contributions options, and our strategy for addressing existing development.

We’d encourage any interested residents who’d like to know more, to contact us through the online portal (click on the “Ask the Project Team a Question” tab), email or phone.

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