Highlights from meeting 14 of the Wyee West Paper Subdivision Development Plan Reference group – 4 February 2021

There were a number of additional Council staff at the meeting to provide updates, as well as new staff who have recently joined the team.

Kirsty Hammer has recently been appointed as Project Coordinator and is looking forward to working with the landowners and Wyee community. Project plans are underway to deliver the land holder ballot in 2021. This ballot will ask landowners to vote to accept a draft development plan, which outlines the proposed subdivision works and how they will be funded. Kirsty joins us from the private sector, and has a strong commitment to supporting improved social outcomes through planning.

The Landowner Reference Group meeting focussed on the following topics:

  1. Development plan designs
  2. Cost allocation methods
  3. Payment options for infrastructure

The meeting minutes are available to download here.

1. Development Plan designs

All attendees reviewed the plans of the proposed infrastructure works, including engineering, roads, sewer, water, storm water and electricity designs. Questions were fielded by various staff relating to the plans, including areas of biodiversity, zoning and adjoining development.

A Bill of Quantities report has been prepared (Rider Levett Bucknall, November 2020) to provide an estimate of the cost of development works including roads, sewerage, drainage, groundworks, electricity and water supply. The estimated cost of these works is $18.6 million. Council is confirming costs of development in addition to these works, including the preparation of the development plan. We are aiming to finalise our estimate of these costs as soon as possible.

The designs are now available to download.

Wyee West Paper Subdivision: Infrastructure Works

Proposed Watermains

Proposed Sewermains

Electrical Summary

Detailed Electrical Plans

Wyee West Subdivision: Street Trees / Verge Turf

If you have any questions in relation to the designs, please call Kirsty Hammer on (02) 4921 0395 or contact the project team online.

2. Cost allocation methods

To present information about cost allocation and payment methods, Council’s Chief Financial Officer, Dwight Graham was in attendance, along with Business and Financial Partner, Jack Nicholas.

A wide range of cost allocations methods were considered by Council’s finance team, with three key methods presented for further consideration. The group looked at how the shared costs could be allocated based on:

  • Land Area,
  • Land Value, and
  • Uplift (the estimated value uplift of the property after the subdivision works are completed).

A rationale for these three methods was provided. The effect of each method of allocation was shown for different types of lots:

  • Large lots with no formed road frontage (approx. 1000m2)
  • Medium-sized lots with no formed road frontage (approx. 550m2)
  • Lots with an existing structure (approx. 550m2)
  • Corner lots (approx. 870m2)
  • Lots with existing formed road frontage (approx. 1,100m2)

The financial figures used in the meeting were for illustrative purposes only. It enabled the variation of outcomes for different types of lots, that result from each allocation method, to be shown. Final costings for infrastructure and preparation of the development plan are yet to be determined.

3. Payment options for landowners

In the meeting, Dwight Graham proposed the following three payment options:

  1. Pay upfront by pre-determined date
  2. Council takes a charge over the property which is repaid over time according to a payment plan
  3. Council takes a charge over the property which is paid in full when the property changes hands.

These options were received positively by the group.

Options two and three would involve Council taking a low interest loan to pay for the works up front, with landowners paying it back. Council will work with the Landowners Reference Group to ensure transparency around this matter.

Information session at Wyee West

Now that the cost allocation methods and payment plans have been tested with the Landowner Reference Group, we are planning a community information session to share this information with all landowners in more detail and answer any questions you might have.

We will update this website with details of the information session in the coming weeks and notify you as soon as it is published.

Kirsty will be arranging monthly Landowner Reference Group sessions and will be visiting the area frequently in the lead up to the ballot. Extra meetings and briefing sessions for all landowners will also be arranged. We will publish more information on these as dates are determined.

Have questions?

If you have any questions please feel free to ask the project team a question. Alternatively, you can contact Kirsty Hammer directly at khammer@lakemac.nsw.gov.au or call (02) 4921 0395.

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