Wyee West Paper Subdivision Development Plan Reference Group meeting six

The focus of the most recent meeting was exploring ideas for infrastructure contributions by landowners. In summary, the current options under investigation are:

  1. Upfront payment (may involve a landowner-obtained mortgage)
  2. Land trading (offered to owners of multiple lots and owners of lots with subdivision potential)
  3. Voluntary sale of lot to Council
  4. Deferred payment option through a charge on Title of land by agreement (option subject to means-testing and legal advice).

Over the coming months, we will further develop these options with a view to arriving at an infrastructure solution that is both equitable and affordable for all landowners.

Council officers also advised that Council is doing its best to expedite preparation of the Development Plan by commencing infrastructure design work prior to receiving final results of environmental studies.

We are also looking at the potential to incorporate sustainable energy technology within the subdivision that would reduce reliance on conventional electricity infrastructure.

Our compliance staff are continuing to monitor the area for new unauthorised development. Council reinforced that restricting further development until essential services are in place is necessary to limit the number of residents living in potentially unsafe conditions, and to help achieve long-term development goals for the area.

We will be providing a more formal update to all landowners in the coming months that will include information on how we plan to consult landowners about the preparation of the Development Plan.

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