Wyee Paper Subdivision

The Wyee Paper Subdivision consists of 199 residential lots that are owned by more than 140 landowners.

Over the last few years, Council has spent a significant amount of time engaging with landowners and residents, progressing a range of site investigations, and has identified, designed and costed the infrastructure required to support future residential development of the paper subdivision. These investigations have included the mechanisms required for landowners to fund the infrastructure. The delivery of this infrastructure and essential services is required before development can be approved and the required infrastructure was estimated to cost about $25 million in 2021.

The funding and delivery of infrastructure and essential services, as well as other matters associated with the paper subdivision, creates a very complex situation. Council is focused on advocating to State and Federal Governments for funding and nominating a delivery agency to be responsible for the construction of infrastructure and essential services. This is likely to remain the focus of Council activity for the next few years.

Meetings of the Wyee Paper Subdivision Reference Committee will not be held and there will be no regular updates to landowners and residents unless there is noteworthy advocacy progress.

Council will also continue to manage ongoing issues associated with the paper subdivision such as managing unauthorised development and undertaking compliance activities, as well as mitigating bushfire hazards, and other hazards.

August 2022 update

04 Aug 2022 Minutes are available for the June 2022 Reference Group meeting. Contamination assessments Three detailed contamination assessments have been undertaken for different parts of the paper subdivision.

Highlights from meeting 26 and 27 of the Wyee Paper Subdivision Development Plan Reference Group

02 Jun 2022 Progress is being made on the design and costing of the essential services. For a full overview of the Reference Group meeting discussions, please refer to the April and May minutes, and the relevant meeting attachment listed below.

Highlights from meeting 25 of the Wyee Paper Subdivision Development Plan Reference Group – 3 March 2022

05 Apr 2022 Design and costing of the essential services is making progress. The following items were discussed at the meeting...