Why is Council building a new community centre and library?

    We are planning to replace the existing facilities with a new multi-purpose community centre to better meet the needs of the local community. 

    Funding for the project was made available from the sale of land and development contributions, providing an opportunity to provide a modern and flexible facility for many users.

    Where will it be built and what will be included?

    The new facility will be constructed on the existing library and community hall site (Lake Street, Windale) and will incorporate an additional 600m2 of community space, made available from the purchase of an adjacent property.

    Flexible spaces will provide:

    ·  meeting and activity rooms;

    ·  counselling rooms;

    ·  office space;

    ·  youth activity area; and a

    ·  modern library with new technologies and innovative maker space.

    Can I view the full draft concept?

    Yes, you can view the full concept by clicking here.

    When is construction expected to commence

    Following community consultation and updates to the draft concept design, construction is expected to commence in late 2020.

    What does this mean for current users?

    Current lease arrangements will remain in place for the next 12 months, as design work progresses in consultation with users and the local community.

    After this time, alternative arrangements will need to be made. Council is considering options, and will provide more information in the coming months. Construction of the new facility is expected to commence in 2020.

    What will happen to current hall hirers during construction?

    Council is investigating other locations with large rooms and kitchen availability such as PCYC Lake Macquarie to enable hirers to continue running in the same area. Currently the existing community hall remains available for hire until further notice. Council will continue to liaise with current hall user groups to ensure their service delivery will continue during the transition.

    What services will be provided during the construction period?

    Council is investigating The Rover (mobile library) to provide regular services to the Windale area, as well as opportunities to provide internet and public PC access. The existing library will remain open until building commences on the new facility.

    How will we remember the hall?

    Council understands the connection local residents have to the memories of Windale Community Hall. The Hall recently celebrated its 60th anniversary. Council will work with the operating committee to ensure the Hall receives a farewell party, and photographs can be taken to remember the Hall and Library.

    What community consultation has been undertaken?

    Council consulted extensively in 2017 to seek ideas from the community for the new multi-purpose centre. You can view the engagement summary.

    How can I share my ideas on the draft concept design?

    Council staff will be on-site on Wednesday 26 June from 4-6pm to hear from the local community as to how they would like to use the proposed spaces. The community can also share their ideas by joining the discussion forum at shape.lakemac.com.au/windale-2306. The consultation closes 7 July.

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