What is a planning framework

    Planning framework refers to the key planning tools used to make decisions on development in a particular area.  It includes: 

    • Lake Macquarie Local Environmental Plan 2014 (LEP) - The LEP guides the planning decisions of Council and is the main planning tool to shape the future of Lake Mac.  The LEP identifies land zoning and development controls which provides a framework for the way land can be used.  
    • Lake Macquarie Development Control Plan 2014 (DCP - The DCP provides detailed planning and design guidelines to support the planning controls in the LEP.   

    Part 10 - Charlestown Area Plan provides guidelines specific to the Charlestown Economic Centre. 

    • Streetscape Master Plan and Streetscape Technical Guidelines - The Streetscape Master Plan is a comprehensive design strategy to guide streetscape improvements and renewalCharlestown has a unique Streetscape Master Plan for the Charlestown Economic Centre.

    What is a Strategic Economic Centre?

    Strategic economic centres are regionally significant centres providing a wide range of services, community facilities, retail and employment to a wide spatial catchment. Typical strategic centres include more intensive multilevel housing development than elsewhere in Lake Macquarie. Strategic centres often include a transport interchange. Charlestown, Glendale and Morisset are strategic centres.

    What is a local centre?

    Local centres typically provide a range of day-to-day services, community facilities, retail, and employment to a catchment usually comprising a suburb or group of neighbourhoods. They include such centres as Blacksmiths, Blackalls Park, Bonnells Bay, Cardiff South, Caves Beach, Dudley, Edgeworth, Redhead, Teralba, Wangi Wangi, West Wallsend and Windale. 

    What is the vision for Charlestown Strategic Economic Centre?

    Shaping the future – Lake Mac’s Local Strategic Planning Statement includes the following vision for Charlestown Strategic Economic Centre: 

    • Major redevelopment at Charlestown continues to attract intensive multi-storey commercial and residential development. The adjacent residential areas, particularly those to the east, undergo redevelopment because of the nearby jobs and services, as well as the high public transport accessibility 

    • Charlestown has a regional role and broad catchment with a wide range of commercial and community services to meet contemporary needs, in line with demand from the increased local population 

    • The area provides diverse housing to meet the needs of those wishing to live closer to jobs and services 

    • Safe and convenient pedestrian and cycle paths link the centre with the adjacent housing areas and the local centres at Kahibah and Whitebridge as well as the Fernleigh Track and Great North Walk 

    • A diverse range of businesses, including medical, personal services, creative enterprises, government and community services all take advantage of the clustering of activity and the innovation precinct 

    • Significantly improved public spaces, particularly along Pearson, Smart and Smith streets, provide places for gatherings and relaxation and pedestrian-friendly streets 

    • A well-connected centre provides frequent public transport connections into Newcastle, University of Newcastle Callaghan Campus, Lake Macquarie and John Hunter Hospitals, and adjoining suburbs 

    • Future growth is orientated to the east of the Pacific Highway, in conjunction with the redevelopment of underdeveloped sites throughout the centre 

    • The environment for walking and cycling is dramatically improved, with a safe and convenient network throughout and surrounding the centre 

    • A focus on medium-density housing is concentrated between Charlestown and the local centres of Kahibah and Whitebridge 

    How does this work relate to the Transport Management Plans Council is working on?

    Transport Management Plans identify improvements in economic centres for a range of transport modes such as walking and cycling, ride-share and public transport to support more people in these locations. Car parking also plays an important role in supporting the movement of people and goods to and between each centre.

    Transport Management Plans will work together with our updated planning frameworks to support growth and change in a way that meets the desired vision for each centre.

    Why is Council seeking community feedback on the Gateshead area

    Gateshead is well positioned for growth capitalising on its proximity to Charlestown and central position between the beaches and the Lake. It is well located with good access to public transport, schools and childcare, employment land and open space.

    Council’s long term planning strategy – the Local Strategic Planning Statement has identified the following for the Gateshead area:

    • The health precinct at Gateshead will expand, capitalising on the regionally significant hospital and other allied health services.
    • The cluster of varied medical facilities and services at Gateshead, including Lake Macquarie Private Hospital, opens possibilities for an expanded, regionally significant health precinct.
    • This precinct would complement the increased density and diversity of housing in surrounding areas such as Windale, Whitebridge and Kahibah.