What is a Plan of Management?

    The Local Government Act (1993) requires Councils to prepare Plans of Management (POM) for all land classified as community land. All public land is required to be classified as either 'community land' or 'operational land'. The Local Government Act (1993) allows for generic plans of management that cover a range of community land across the City, and for specific plans of management that cover a specific area of community land, such as Rathmines Park. 

    The Crown Land Management Act (2016) requires Councils to include all Crown land that they have been appointed to manage as Crown Land Manager within a plan of management, in accordance with the Local Government Act (1993)

    What are the proposed changes to the Plan of Management for Community Land?

    The draft Plan of Management for Community Land has been significantly updated from the previous 2011 document. It categorises all parcels of community land and Crown land that are not within a specific plan of management within the Lake Macquarie Local Government Area. This includes the categorisation of Crown land and new parcels of community land that have previously not been categorised. The draft plan also re-categorises a number of existing community land parcels. These have been re-categorised to ensure they meet the core objectives for the management of that land.

    What are the categories for community land?

    The Local Government Act 1993 requires all land owned by Council which is classified as community land to be categorised.  Community land may be categorised into one of the following categories; natural area, sportsground, park, area of cultural significance, or general community use.  Community land categorised as natural area is to be further categorised as one or more of the following:

    • bushland
    • foreshore
    • watercourse
    • wetland
    • escarpment
    • a category prescribed by the regulations.

    The draft Plan of Management for Community Land has included the following land categories within the plan:

    • Park
    • Sportsground
    • General Community Use
    • Natural Area
      • Bushland
      • Foreshore
      • Watercourse
      • Wetland
      • Escarpment

    Refer to pages 236-314 of the Draft Plan of Management for maps of the proposed categories.


    What is the relevance of categories in relation to use and management of community land?

    The Local Government Act 1993 sets out ‘core objectives’ for each of the categories and sub-categories.  The core objectives outline the approach to management of the land covered by the particular category.

Public Hearing Information

    What is a Public Hearing?

    Under Section 40A of the Local Government Act 1993 Council must hold a public hearing regarding the proposed categorisation of community land.  

    The public hearing is an opportunity to provide feedback specifically on the categorisation of land.  General feedback on the draft Plan of Management for Community Land should be made by a submission (online, email or written), as the public hearing will not record general feedback.  

    Note: Public hearings regarding categorisation or re-categorisation of community land are not related to reclassification. Reclassification is when community land is re-classified as operational land that can then be managed differently and has the ability to be sold by Council. Community land is protected under the Local Government Act and cannot be sold.

    What is the date, time and location of the Public Hearing?

    Thursday 23 November 2023, 6-7pm, 81-83 Lakeview Street, Speers Point. 

How to make a submission

    How can I make a submission?

    • Provide written feedback via the online submission form on this website
    • Email [email protected] 
    • Write to Donna Mitchell, Recreation and Land Planning, Box 1906, Hunter Region Mail Centre, NSW 2310

    Printed copies of the Plan of Management for Community Land are available from the Council Administrative Building in Speers Point.

    I've made a submission - what happens next?

    Feedback may result in further changes being made to the draft Plan of Management for Community Land prior to a report being prepared for Council.

    You will be notified again, prior to Council considering the matter, which will include a link to the Council report containing a summary of submissions and how feedback was considered. 

    What should I put in a submission?

    Your submission can be as concise or as long as you wish:

    Ideally, you will express your level of support for the proposal and provide detailed and specific feedback. The feedback will be reviewed by staff and later presented to Council to make an informed decision.

    Should multiple submissions be received from a single resident regarding this project, the feedback will be reviewed by staff and counted as one submission when reporting back to Council.