What is a Voluntary Planning Agreement?

    A Voluntary Planning Agreement is an offer by a developer to Council to dedicate land, make monetary contributions or provide any other material public benefit, to be used for or applied toward a public purpose. A public purpose includes the provision of:

    • a community facility
    • affordable housing
    • transport or other infrastructure relating to the development
    • the funding of recurrent expenditure relating to the provision of community facilities, affordable housing or transport or other infrastructure
    • the monitoring of the planning impacts of development
    • the conservation or enhancement of the natural environment.

    Planning agreements are entered into in relation to a development application or an amendment to the Local Environmental Plan. 

    What does the North Cooranbong Planning Agreement deliver?

    The Planning Agreement prescribes a range of public benefits in the form of land dedication, capital works and cash contributions that include:

    • open space land 
    • recreation facilities
    • community facilities land and capital works
    • road works.

    The Agreement states that Johnson Property Groups will provide, and maintain for five years:

    • onsite neighbourhood park
    • onsite sports facility and dog exercise park
    • north and south local parks
    • town common neighbourhood park 
    • sports facility area and the multipurpose centre.

    Why is the community being asked how to spend this $3.8 million contribution?

    The North Cooranbong Planning Agreement includes cash contributions has part of a wider suite of contributions, such as land dedication and capital works.

    As part of the agreement, some of these cash contributions have been allocated to deliver specific projects. However, this $3.8 million cash contribution will be allocated to “projects identified by the Cooranbong community”.

    That’s why we need you to have your say and tell us what projects you’d like to see delivered through this contribution.

    How many projects will Council deliver with $3.8 million?

    The projects we are seeking community feedback on vary in cost.

    That means, the number of projects we select to deliver with $3.8 million will depend on the cost of those selected as most preferred by the Cooranbong community.

    If Council can deliver more than preferred project for $3.8 million, we will seek to do so.

    When will the preferred project(s) be delivered?

    The projects we are seeking community feedback on vary in complexity.

    Some will require more detailed planning and design, while others may be easier and quicker to deliver.

    The selected project(s) will be included in Council’s 2024-2025 Operational Plan and be earmarked for planning and development or delivery that financial year, depending on the complexity of the project.

    You’ll be able to stay up to date with our work to deliver the selected project(s) at lakemac.com.au.

    Can I provide feedback on the new skate park planned for Watagan Park estate?

    Johnson Property Group (JPG) is current inviting community feedback on the design for a new skate park to be built in the new on-site sports facility precinct, next to the new Watagan Park Town Centre. 

    You can view the two design options and have your say via their online survey. 

    In late 2022, JPG sought input from Watagan Park residents into the proposed skate park and what preferred skateable or ridable elements were desired.

    The two prevailing skate park options were a street plaza style and a flow (or transition) style. With Council recently delivering a flow style park at Morisset, Council’s preference is the street plaza style to contribute to the user experience with different skate facilities in the south-western side of the lake. Council requested JPG to progress with further design development of the street plaza style and two options have been prepared for the Watagan Park community to choose from.

    The results of this round of consultation will decide the final style for construction documentation to be prepared for final Council approval, tender and construction.

    The street plaza style skate park forms part of a wider on-site sports facility precinct, which will also include delivery of a new oval sports field (or two rectangular fields), a two-storey sports multi-purpose building (sports amenities and community centre), a dog exercise park, and car parking. The other elements to be delivered are defined in our Planning Agreement with Council, which has previously been exhibited for community input. The overall precinct will also feature seating, picnic tables, bubblers, amenities, bike racks and landscaping.  

    Have any other projects been delivered through the North Cooranbong Planning Agreement?

    Yes, the upgraded playground and sporting facilities on Freemans Drive, known as the Town Common, and various shared pathway upgrades around Cooranbong, are some of the projects already delivered through the Agreement.