What is public exhibition?

    The Council endorses the public exhibition of draft plans and studies to give our community an opportunity to provide feedback before the documents are finalised and recommended for adoption by the Council. 

    How long is the exhibition period for the draft Lake Macquarie Destination Management Plan?

    The exhibition period is 32 days, from Thursday 1 March to Sunday 1 April 2018.

    Where can I view the draft Plan?

    The draft Plan is available in hard copy at Lake Mac Libraries branches, Lake Macquarie Visitor Information Centre, Swansea and Council's Customer Service Centre, Main Road Speers Point.

    Or view the documents online here.

    How can I provide my feedback during the public exhibition?

    1.  Online submission form here

    2.  Send written submissions to: CEO, Lake Macquarie City Council, Box 1906, Hunter Regional Mail Centre NSW 2310

    3.  Email [email protected]

    Why has council prepared the Lake Macquarie Destination Management Plan 2018-2022?

    The draft City of Lake Macquarie Destination Management Plan 2018 – 2022 is a business plan for building and managing the visitor economy within Lake Macquarie. 

    The draft Plan provides the framework to better understand the visitor economy, including its primary assets and features; challenges to growth; differentiation features; and future opportunities. In doing so, the draft Plan sets the pathway to achieve the goals of Destination NSW to double visitor expenditure by 2020.

    A holistic destination management plan aids in building a strong resilient tourism industry that can adapt to the needs of the visitor and the community as the destination evolves and matures.

    For Council, the draft Plan also outlines the strategic direction and operational framework contributing to Council’s long-term planning and provides a basis for work programs.

    Does Lake Macquarie currently have a Destination Management Plan?

    Yes, the draft Destination Management Plan 2018-2022 is designed to build on the existing plan and set out the context and road map for Council over the next five years. It reviews and refreshes the ideas and actions of the previous 2013 plan to facilitate relevant planning opportunities for Council. 

    What is included in the draft Destination Management Plan?

    The draft Plan aims to provide:

    ·  an understanding of the Lake Macquarie visitor economy;

    ·  a strategic long-term destination vision and tactical plan to grow tourism;

    ·  definition of the differentiated destination experience or proposition to appeal to target markets

    ·  identification of game-changing product development and infrastructure ideas to meet the long-term vision

    ·  the key strategic priorities and define in broad terms the role of Local Government

    ·  practical recommendations to support partnership opportunities; and

    ·  high-level recommendations/actions with regards to the positioning of Lake Macquarie Tourism and opportunities for growth.

    What types of projects are proposed in the draft Destination Management Plan?

    Some of the opportunities to be explored include:

    ·  creating major events focused on the lake;

    ·  developing other large events, such as sporting and music events;

    ·  partnering with regional tourism teams;

    ·  activating the Lake with a touring boat, ferry service and on lake dining;

    ·  developing a large entertainment and conference facility;

    ·  enhancing existing walking trails by introducing supporting commercial facilities, such as pop-up cafes;

    ·  investing in street beautification public art and signage; and

    ·  creating a dedicated tourism hub that offers accommodation, visitor attractions and experiences, event venues and town centre services.

    How was the draft Destination Management Plan developed?

    The draft Plan was developed in accordance with the Destination NSW consultation framework and facilitated by external consultants, The Stafford Group.  Council’s Community Consultation Policy also guided the research process and informed the rationale and subsequent implementation of the document.

    The draft Plan is intrinsically linked with Council’s Community Values and Community Strategic Plan and has been reviewed against the City's suite of master plans, action plans and strategies. In addition, internal consultation with other internal and external colleagues (Integrated Planning, Community Planning, DANTIA, City Projects, Leisure Services, Communications, Property & Business Development, External Relations & City Strategy) was undertaken to ensure the action plans identified are realistic, achievable and promote a whole-of-Council approach.

    All information, feedback and suggestions were assessed and where appropriate, included in the development of the draft Plan.

    External feedback was received through the stakeholder consultation session held on the 16th September 2017.Feedback from this workshop was received from the Business Growth Centre, Lake Macquarie Business, Belmont Wetlands, Warners Bay Chamber of Commerce and Club Macquarie.

    Who is the Council contact for the draft Plan?

    Tourism Marketing Coordinator – Bianca Gilmore

    Communication Engagement Officer – Karen Marples