What is the Dogs in Public Open Space Procedure?

    The Dogs in Public Open Space Procedure is a guiding document outlining ways to cater for the city’s growing canine population. Lake Macquarie is home to more than 80,000 dogs and there is widespread desire in the community to have designated dog exercise areas.

    What is a dog exercise area?

    A dog exercise area (DEA) is an area of open space where dogs are allowed to be exercised off-leash. This can be on Council community-classified land, or Crown land managed by Council. DEAs can be fenced or unfenced.

    Is Council proposing to close the DEA at my local sportsground?

    The Dogs in Public Open Space Procedure calls for existing DEAs located on any sportsground used for regular competition and/or training to be relocated to a more suitable area nearby. History has shown a conflict of use when sportsgrounds are used as dog exercise areas.

    However, if an alternative site cannot be secured within 1km, the existing DEA will remain in place until an alternative becomes available.

    How long do I have to provide feedback?

    The Dogs in Public Open Space Procedure is open for public exhibition and comment until Monday 24 September 2018.