How do I use the interactive map?

    As part of the exhibition of our draft 2023-2024 Operational Plan and budget, we're trialing a new interactive map, which plots capital projects planned across the city. 

    This technology will allow us to provide ongoing, up-to-date information to our community about individual projects, rather than capturing a one-off 'snapshot' at the beginning of each financial year, as our interactive map has done previously.

    This map performs best when accessed via a desktop or laptop computer. For the best user experience, click on the 'Looker Studio' link in the bottom right-hand corner of the map. 

    From there, you'll be able to click around the map to learn more about the projects planned for your area. You can also filter by project type or suburb. 

    Projects that span across multiple suburbs, such as shared pathways, are pinned to just one suburb location. If a suburb is not listed as a filter option, there are no projects planned for that suburb in 2023-2024. 

    If you are having trouble using the interactive map, you can access project information via the draft 2023-2024 Operational Plan and budget.