What is a Master Plan?

    A Master Plan is a long-term high level plan intended to provide guidance for Council and the community on how to manage development and change over time.

    Why undertake a Master Plan for Croudace Bay Sports Complex?

    The Croudace bay Sports Complex has been identified as a site capable of having an extra grass filed and an extra tennis court in the current footprint. Due to the high participation rates in netball locally, an extra court is also proposed.The draft Plan also proposes new amenity buildings, lighting upgrades and additional car parking spaces.

    How will the Master Plan be funded?

    The Master Plan will be primarily funded through Section 94 Developer Contributions Plan - Charlestown Catchment.

    Developer Contributions are levied on new development to pay for increase in impact of the development on public sports infrastructure such as sports facilities.

    What is the timeframe?

    Following the consultation period, it is intended that the draft Master Plan will go to Council in early 2018.

    Implementation of the plan is expected to take place in multiple stages and completed within a three year period once adopted by Council. Stakeholders will be kept informed.