What is a planning proposal?

    A planning proposal is a document and supporting information that explains the intended effect and justification of a proposed Local Environmental Plan or amendment to a Local Environmental Plan. 

    A landowner, developer or an individual seeking to amend the zoning or development standards that apply to land they own, or have an interest in, may initiate a planning proposal. Council support of the planning proposal is required before it is able to be submitted to the Department of Planning and Environment for Gateway Determination. If the Department issues a Gateway Determination, a proposal proceeds to community consultation and any submissions are considered before making amendments to the planning controls.

    What land does the planning proposal relate to?

    The subject land is located on the former Pasminco Cockle Creek Smelter (PCCS) site, Boolaroo. The planning proposal relates to: 

    • 144 Munibung Road, Boolaroo - Lot 1012 DP 1270101
    • 146 Munibung Road, Boolaroo - Lot 601 DP 1228699

    What is the objective of the planning proposal

    The planning proposal seeks to rezone land and increase building heights at 144 and 146 Munibung Road, Boolaroo. Additionally, a number of minor zone and building height boundary adjustments are proposed to various lots in the Cockle Creek precinct to align with property boundaries. 

    The proposed amendments are the result of a strategic review of the Cockle Creek Precinct and seek to facilitate the desired economic development of land at 144 and 146 Munibung Road, Boolaroo. The proposal also seeks to establish a suitable zone for land located between Cressy Road and the containment cell at 144 Munibung Road, Boolaroo. 

    What would the planning proposal permit?

    Both 144 and 146 Munibung Road are remediated and cleared of vegetation. The relevant site audit statements identify both sites as suitable for the following uses:

    • residential
    • day care, pre-school and primary school
    • secondary school
    • park, recreation open space and playing field
    • commercial/industrial.

    Minor zone boundary changes seek to re-align lot boundaries with environmental and ecological land areas, some of which are subject to environmental management plans. It is anticipated this will retain and support ecological outcomes in relevant areas across the site.

How to make a submission

    How can I make a submission?

    • Provide written feedback via the online submission form on this website.
    • Email [email protected] with the subject heading "Planning Proposal, 144-146 Munibung Road Boolaroo, RZ/8/2021" by 29 May 2023.
    • Write to Integrated Planning, Box 1906, Hunter Region Mail Centre, NSW 2310

    Printed copies of the planning proposal are available from the Council Administrative Centre in Speers Point. 

    I've made a submission - what happens next?

    Feedback may result in further changes being made to the planning proposal prior to a report being prepared for Council.

    You will be notified again, prior to Council considering the matter, which will include a link to the Council report containing a summary of submissions and how feedback was considered. It is expected the proposal will be reported back to Council seeking adoption in mid-2023.

    What should I put in a submission?

    Your submission can be as concise or as long as you wish:

    Ideally, you will express your level of support for the proposal and provide detailed and specific feedback. The feedback will be reviewed by staff and later presented to Council to make an informed decision.

    Should multiple submissions be received from a single resident regarding this project, the feedback will be reviewed by staff and counted as one submission when reporting back to Council.

    Any submission received by Council will be publicly available on Council’s website.  Submissions may also be accessed under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009.  Council may reproduce submissions in Council reports or in Court proceedings.

    If you have made a reportable political donation or gift in the last two years your submission must be accompanied by a "Disclosure Statement of Political Donations and Gifts where Council is Approval Authority - Submitters" Form.  For more information on reportable political donations or gifts, or to download a copy of this form go to lakemac.com.au and search for "Political Donations Submitters".  Please note failure to complete a statement, if a Political Donation/Gift has been made, is an offence under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.