What is the purpose of the draft Natural Areas Management Guidelines?

    The draft Guideline explains updated Council requirements and processes for preparing vegetation management plans (VMP) and implementing vegetation works and land rehabilitation. These requirements often are required in the development approval process.

    The Guideline will improve high quality environmental outcomes and simplify and streamline the process for landowners and developers.

    When is a vegetation management plan (VMP) required?

    A VMP is required when a development application or landscape modification will have impacts on native vegetation or fauna habitat.

    What natural areas do the Guidelines apply to?

    The draft Guidelines apply to natural areas in association with development applications or other land disturbance activities including but not limited to the following circumstances : 

    • VPAs
    • Conservation Offsets 
    • Rehabilitation works under Part 5 Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, council works and other authorities 
    • Rehabilitation of native vegetation on council land 
    • Geotechnical Investigation  
    • Change in land management 
    • State Significant Development 
    • Services through native vegetation on Council land.

    Will these draft Guidelines replace existing guidelines?

    Yes, the draft Natural Areas Management Guidelines will replace the ...Clarify here that the current Vegetation Management Plan Guidelines are currently incorporated in the Lake Macquarie Development Control Plan 2014, but the existing processes will substantially remain.

    What will my feedback be used for?

    Council will review all feedback contributions and use the information to make improvements and changes to the draft Guidelines before submitting the final draft to Council for adoption. 

    When will the consultation close?

    We would like landowners and developers to use the guidelines over a five month period to test out how they operate as an information tool guiding the management of natural areas and activities impacting flora and fauna.

    How can I provide my feedback on the draft guidelines?

    Please complete a quick survey with your feedback or email jeaton@lakemac.nsw.gov.au or contact John Eaton on 4921 0524.

    Who can I contact at Council for more information?

    John Eaton

    Vegetation Establishment Officer

    P  02 4921 0524

    E  jeaton@lakemac.nsw.gov.au