Where will the skate park and youth hub be located?

    Located across the road from Rathmines Theatre and Heritage Centre, and adjacent to the Parade Ground, Rathmines Skate Park and Youth Hub will replace the existing skate bowl infrastructure. Situated on the corner of Dorrington Road and Stilling Street, it has existing road access to sports fields, and a proposed car park (subject to funding).  

    The draft concept designs align with the facility placement depicted in the Rathmines Park Master Plan (page 14), pictured below.

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    What is included in the two design options?

    These initial high-level concept designs are indicative only and subject to further development and final costings. Your feedback will assist us in forming a final concept design that will be released in early 2022. Whilst the plans have been presented as two quite different options, the final plan may, subject to community input, cost and site constraints, be a combination of both options.

    Take our survey and give your feedback by 6 December 2021.

    The Barracks design is a skate plaza with a layout that reflects the ordered geometry of the iconic RAAF flying boat base. Key features include a street style skate plaza, a mini ramp, half court, outdoor ping pong and an intermediate to advanced BMX pump track.  A regimented pedestrian path makes its way to key 'Barracks' style shade shelters with seating and spectator zones. 

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    The Navigator design is a flowing skatepark with an open bowl, skate drain and street section.  The Navigator has a circuit pump track that navigates its way around the facility with different youth activation and seating zone 'pit stops' along the way.

    It also includes a climbing walls, parkour elements and an outdoor ping pong table as part of the Youth Hub.

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Skate Park and Youth Hub

    Where will the skate park and youth hub be located?

    In accordance with the adopted Rathmines Park Plan of Management  and Master Plan, the skate park and youth hub will replace and extend upon the current skate facility at Rathmines Park.

    How has the heritage of the site been considered for this project?

    The Rathmines Park Plan of Management and Master Plan were developed in accordance with the Rathmines Park Conservation Management Plan (CMP).  

    The design of the skate park and youth hub will be consistent with the CMP and will draw on the unique heritage and aviation history of the site. The design of the facility is being guided by specialist heritage advice and will be subject to approval by Heritage NSW through a Section 60 application. 

    When will the skate park and youth hub be constructed?

    Council anticipates construction will begin towards the end of 2022.

    What are the proposed features for the skate park and youth hub?

    The Toronto Developer Contributions Plan provides funding for an upgraded skate park and BMX/ pump track at Rathmines Park.  

    Council has been successful in attaining further funding through the Resources for Regions Grant Program, which will enable delivery of some of the additional elements identified in the Rathmines Park Master Plan, including a multi-court and/or parkour area.  

    The features included in the final plan will be subject to community feedback in conjunction with available budget.

    The concept plans include a car park. Will this be delivered as part of this project?

    Council has applied for a grant to build a car park in conjunction with the skate park and youth hub facility.  A car park in this location was identified in the Rathmines Park Master Plan and will be delivered as part of this project, subject to the award of the grant.

    What community consultation took place to develop these concept designs?

    In April and May 2021, we asked the community for feedback on a draft concept design for the children's play area in Rathmines Park. We also sought input on the type of skate / BMX facility the community would like to see, replacing the existing facility. You can view the engagement summary here.

    Two draft concept designs have been developed for Rathmines Skate Park and Youth Hub, based on community feedback.

    Who is Convic?

    Convic are a multi-award winning company specialising in skate park and youth space design.  Convic have been engaged by Council to design the Rathmines Skate Park and Youth Hub.

Rathmines Playground

    When will Rathmines playground be constructed?

    Council anticipates construction will begin towards the end of 2022.

    What is proposed for the playground improvements?

    As part of the adopted Master Plan an upgrade to the current children’s playground area is planned. This area encompasses the current playground area, adjoining picnic area and two concrete pads.

    The Toronto Catchment contributions Plan includes funding for outdoor fitness equipment and an upgraded playground.   

    A grant under the NSW Government's Everyone Can Play program has also been awarded and this will enable the delivery of additional inclusive play elements, shelters and pathways.

    What are the proposed features for the playground area

    • Accessible amenities -  building of new accessible modular toilet 
    • Fitness equipment station
    • Natural/ exploratory play area 
    • Adventure play area - incorporating large climbing structure
    • Learn to ride area - on existing historic aircraft stores concrete pad – Catalina theme.  Include footprint of former building
    • Retention of existing play area
    • Priority pathways - linking the car park to the playground, picnic facilities, amenities, fitness equipment and the broader path network.

Rathmines Park Master Plan and Plan of Management

    What is a Master Plan?

    A Master Plan is a long-term high-level plan intended to provide guidance for Council and the community on how to manage development and change over time.

    What is a Plan of Management

    The Local Government Act (1993) requires Councils to prepare Plans of Management (POM) for all land classified as community land. All public land is required to be classified as either 'community land' or 'operational land'. The Local Government Act allows for one or more areas of community land to be covered by a single POM. Some parcels such as Rathmines are covered by a specific POM due to its significance.

    Is Rathmines Park on the NSW State Heritage Register?

    Yes. Rathmines Park is an area with significant local and national historical value, recognised by its inclusion on the NSW State Heritage Register. The Rathmines RAAF seaplane base played a pivotal role in the defence of Australia in World War II. It was the largest seaplane base in the Southern Hemisphere and was the longest serving during the war effort.

    Due to its history and probably because of it, Rathmines Park remains a unique site of public space on the lake foreshore. It is valued for not only its heritage, but also its community and recreational features and experiences.