Why are we consulting on a BMX/pump track facility in Redhead?

    Council has recognised a potential need for a BMX/pump track facility in Charlestown or Redhead in the Charlestown Contributions Plan. Following a review of the contributions plan, we have identified a potential opportunity to accelerate a facility in the Redhead area. 

    Council has committed to undertake a consultation piece to get an understanding of the community sentiment regarding a potential BMX/pump track facility. At this stage no decision on the provision of a BMX/pump track facility has been made.

    Are there any other locations the Charlestown Contributions Plan identifies?

    Yes, the Charlestown Contributions Plan identifies three locations for future BMX facilities, including Croudace Bay, Hillsborough and Charlestown/Redhead. 

    The Croudace Bay BMX Facility has been incorporated into the designed skate/BMX park. This park will provide elements to specifically cater for the BMX rider. The skate/BMX park will be constructed in 2021.

    Why are we planning to build a BMX/pump track facility now?

    Recent events have indicated the need for a BMX/pump track facility in Redhead and following a review of the Charlestown Contributions Plan, Council has identified the potential opportunity to accelerate a facility in the Charlestown/Redhead area.

    What locations are being considered for a new facility?

    Council is seeking feedback on possible locations for a BMX/pump track facility. Council has identified three potential sites, including Liles Oval, Webb Park and Molly O’Connor Park. These locations are areas identified as parks and sportsground which are provided within the community to support recreation opportunities. 

    Council does not support the provision of BMX/pump track facilities in natural areas.  

    Why have these locations been selected for a potential facility?

    When considering sites for BMX/pump track facilities, Council considers locations in existing park or sports ground areas with existing amenity, land that is owned or managed by Council and that the location as the appropriate land zoning. 

    All three of the selected locations meet these criteria, however we are seeking the community’s feedback on which location is right for all residents. 

    What kind of facility is Council considering i.e. size and materials

    Council is considering a small permanent all weather track made of asphalt which caters for a broad range of age groups and skill level. These types of tracks provide a recreation opportunity for a broad range of people, can complement existing recreation infrastructure and are low maintenance.

    When would Council construct the facility?

    Design, approval and construction timeframes for a BMX/pump track facility in Redhead will depend on the site selected and the outcomes of the community consultation. 

    At this stage no decision on the provision of a BMX/pump track facility has been made.

    Why were the Caine Street tracks/jumps demolished?

    The tracks built at the Caine Street site are unauthorised. Council does not consider the Caine street site an appropriate location.  

    Construction of tracks may result in damage to bushland including areas with endangered ecological communities, threatened species or Aboriginal heritage value. 

    We also need to ensure that structures built on Council land are safe – for both the users and passers-by. 

    Will I be able to give feedback on the design of the BMX/pump track facility?

    At this stage no decision on the provision of a BMX/pump track facility has been made.

    If a decision is made to progress a BMX/pump track facility in Redhead, then we will undertake another round of consultation for the detailed design process. You will be able to share your ideas and feedback on the design during that phase.

    What is Council’s acceleration program?

    Council has been reviewing the works programs associated with our Development Contributions Plans. This ongoing work is helping to identify opportunities to accelerate the delivery of projects within the Development Contributions Plans and fast track the design and construction of identified community infrastructure projects to allow for new jobs and construction work to continue where possible. Find out more.