Why are we consulting on a BMX/pump track facility in Redhead?

    Council has recognised a potential need for a BMX/pump track facility in Charlestown or Redhead in the Charlestown Contributions Plan. Following a review of the contributions plan, we have identified a potential opportunity to accelerate a facility in the Redhead area. 

    Council has undertaken two rounds of consultation to gain an understanding of the community sentiment regarding a potential BMX/pump track facility and its proposed location. Council is now proceeding with detailed designs for the new facility with further consultation to be undertaken towards the end of 2022.

    I gave feedback on the three proposed sites in 2020. Why hasn’t one of them been selected?

    Council originally sought feedback on possible locations for a BMX/pump track facility. Council identified three potential sites, including Liles Oval, Webb Park and Molly O’Connor Park. The community was also requested to provide possible alternate locations.

    A preferred site was not clearly identified from the feedback received in 2020 with mixed responses to each location. The feedback was valuable in assessing the three sites initially put forward while also giving an indication of alternate sites within Redhead that may be able to support a BMX facility.

    The Redhead Beach Overflow Car Park site is considered the most suitable for a BMX facility with consideration of the easy access to facilities provided within close proximity at both Redhead Beach and Webb Park.

    You can read the engagement report here.

    Why is Redhead Beach (next to the overflow car park) proposed as the best location?

    This site was one of the alternative sites raised during community consultation in late 2020.

    We used scoring criteria to analyse the suitability of each of the sites and ensure that each site was assessed against the same standard.

    The criteria included:

    • access to amenities and existing services
    • site topography
    • similar surrounding land use
    • visual amenity.

    The Redhead Beach Overflow Car Park location was chosen as it provided the best result when assessed against the criteria.

    What about parking? It can get quite congested in that area.

    While the location does have a large existing car park, the project will look to formalise the parking in the area currently used as an overflow car park, for beach goers and visitors to Webb Park, in an effort to increase parking in the area.

    With the facility being based around BMX usage, it is envisioned that locals will mostly ride their BMX to access the facility, therefore users won’t add to the existing congestion at this location.

    Isn't this location an emergency helicopter landing area?

    The proposed location is not an emergency helicopter landing area. Emergency helicopters land in Webb Park, a cleared area off the beach path from Webb Park or a local sports ground with patients transferred by road.

    Why are we planning to build a BMX/pump track facility now?

    Recent events have indicated the need for a BMX/pump track facility in Redhead and following a review of the Charlestown Contributions Plan, Council has identified the potential opportunity to accelerate a facility in the Charlestown/Redhead area.

    What kind of facility is Council considering i.e. size and materials

    Council is considering a small permanent all-weather track made of asphalt which caters for a broad range of age groups and skill level. These types of tracks provide a recreation opportunity for a broad range of people, can complement existing recreation infrastructure and are low maintenance.

    When would Council construct the facility?

    The construction of the Redhead BMX facility is expected to begin in the first half of 2023 and take about eight weeks to complete, pending weather and other construction conditions.

    Will this still be a safe thoroughfare for wildlife and will there be further consultation with an environment team to check its impact?

    The BMX facility is proposed on part of the cleared area community land, currently utilised as an overflow car park. Environmental impacts will be fully considered in detail design phase of the project with Council’s environmental staff providing comment on the proposal.

    Why were the Caine Street tracks/jumps demolished?

    The tracks built at the Caine Street site are unauthorised. Council does not consider the Caine street site an appropriate location.  

    Construction of tracks may result in damage to bushland including areas with endangered ecological communities, threatened species or Aboriginal heritage value. 

    We also need to ensure that structures built on Council land are safe – for both the users and passers-by.

    Are there any other locations the Charlestown Contributions Plan identifies?

    Yes, the Charlestown Contributions Plan identifies three locations for future BMX facilities, including Croudace Bay, Hillsborough and Charlestown/Redhead. 

    The Croudace Bay BMX Facility was incorporated into the designed skate/BMX park. This park provides elements to specifically cater for the BMX rider and was completed in 2021.

    The Charlestown/Redhead BMX facility is this current proposal. The Hillsborough facility has not yet progressed in planning but will be considered in the future.

    Will the community be involved in detailed design of the track?

    The next stage of the project will be detailed design of the facility. The community will be invited to be involved in the design of the track along with the surrounding landscaping and facilities.

    How will Council address the concerns raised by the community during consultation?

    Many of the concerns raised by the community during consultation such as environmental impacts, pedestrian safety, and anti-social behaviour will be addressed through the detailed design process for the new facility.