Why is Council reviewing our RU4 Primary Production Small Lot zoned land?

    A number of planning documents have identified the need for a review of RU4 zoned land.

    The Department of Planning’s Greater Newcastle Metropolitan Plan includes an action for Lake Macquarie City Council to review land zoned as primary production small lots to focus these uses to locations where the need for primary industries is demonstrated..

    Council’s Local Strategic Planning Statement includes actions to: review land zoned as primary production small lots to focus these uses in locations where the need for primary industries is demonstrated, and identify opportunities for future urban land supply in appropriate locations.

    Council’s Housing Strategy includes an action to identify primary production small lot zoned land that is not required for primary production purposes and is well located to town centres for future investigation for urban release.

     The RU4 Primary Production (Small Lot) zone is largely being used for rural lifestyle land uses. A review is currently underway to identify and address the following:

    • Identify the role and function of this land
    • Identify locations of primary production small lot zoned land across the City and where it is best located into the future.
    • Provide options and recommendations for RU4 Primary Production (Small Lot) zoned land
    • Identify potential opportunities for changes in land uses from RU4 Primary Production (Small Lot) zoned land where this land is located near centres and has limited planning and environmental constraints

    What are the objectives, permissible development and planning controls that apply in the RU4 zone?

    The objectives of this zone are to:

    • To enable sustainable primary industry and other compatible land uses.
    • To encourage and promote diversity and employment opportunities in relation to primary industry enterprises, particularly those that require smaller lots or that are more intensive in nature.
    • To minimise conflict between land uses within this zone and land uses within adjoining zones.
    • To provide for a rural lifestyle and other compatible activities
    • To maintain or improve the quality of the environment.

     The land uses within this zone that can be permitted with development consent are:

     Bed and breakfast accommodation; Boat sheds; Cellar door premises; Community facilities; Dual occupancies (attached); Dwelling houses; Eco-tourist facilities; Environmental facilities; Environmental protection works; Extensive agriculture; Farm buildings; Farm stay accommodation; Home-based child care; Home businesses; Home industries; Intensive plant agriculture; Landscaping material supplies; Plant nurseries; Recreation areas; Roads; Roadside stalls; Signage; Veterinary hospitals; Water recreation structures; Water supply systems

     The minimum lot size for the RU4 zone is 1 ha, which is quite small compared to the minimum lot size of 20ha for our RU2 Rural Landscape zone, which is the zone used for most agricultural land across the City. 

    The Lake Macquarie Development Control Plan 2014 within Part 2 – Development in Rural Zones contains development controls that apply to land in the RU4 zone.

    How does the RU4 zone relate to other rural zones in Lake Macquarie Local Government area?

    The RU2 Rural Landscape is the main zone used for land that is used for primary industry and agricultural purposes and typically contains more intensive rural uses such as intensive livestock and plant agriculture.  In the LGA, a large majority of agricultural land is zoned RU2.

    The RU4 zone is largely used for rural living purposes as well as complementary businesses such as plant agriculture and nurseries, landscape material supplies, grazing of livestock, farm stay accommodation, bed and breakfasts.

    The E3 Environmental Management zone also contains areas used for agriculture, whilst also having environmental value.

    Where is RU4 – Primary Production Small Lot land located within Lake Macquarie LGA?

    RU4 zoned land is predominately located on the western side of Lake Macquarie in areas such as Cooranbong, Wyee, Wyee Point, Morisset, Dora Creek, Kilaben Bay and Barnsley. On the eastern side of Lake Macquarie, a number of RU4 pockets exist, but at a much smaller scale. These areas include Eleebana, Mount Hutton, Warners Bay, Macquarie Hills, Cardiff Heights and Cams Wharf.

    How much RU4 land is there within Lake Macquarie LGA?

    There are an estimated 1085 lots zoned RU4 in Lake Macquarie Local Government Area, with a combined area of over 1100 ha, which represents 1.7 per cent of all land in Lake Macquarie City.

    How do I make a submission

    A formal submission must be in writing and sent via one of the following channels:

    • via the online form
    • via email to [email protected] with the subject heading Att: Pete Kavanagh RU4 Lands Exhibition
    • via post to ATT: Pete Kavanagh, Lake Macquarie City Council, Box 1906, Hunter Region Mail Centre, NSW 2310.