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What would you like to see Lake Macquarie City Council do more of to contribute to your lifestyle?

over 8 years ago

Consultation has concluded

  • Number1baby over 8 years ago
    more (& possibly free) & integrated public transport infrastructure.Bike hire facilities on Lake foreshore cycleway.
  • Brad over 8 years ago
    i very much disagree that council needs to have anything to do with this waste money.
  • Big Bill over 8 years ago
    Tackling the issue of financial sustainability is a step in the right direction. If Council is unable to generate the funds to deliver the services we as a community expect, then our lifestyle, community assets, infrastucture and future opportunities will slowly evaporate. I guess I'd like to see Council generate some savings by concentrating on core services and through efficient and cost effective service delivery. From my perspective, it's not necessarily about what I would like to see Council do more of....its what I'd like to see Council do better! Having said that, I accept that the cost of delivering services has no doubt increased substantially and will continue to increase........ accordingly, I accept that I may need to pay more for these services in the future!
  • Mr_A over 8 years ago
    Do more to keep graffiti away, it does nothing but down-grade my community. I am aware Council has a graffiti clen up team, but I'm told this only applies to public assets, what about my home that keeps getting attacked by idiots with paint, can you not do more in conjunction with police to keep this out of our community? If I have to constantly repair my property how can I afford a rate increase?Additionally, I find that Lake Macquarie seems to have little pride in its road services and centre island maintenance. Why do you spent money repairing roads when this is a state government issue?
    • Lucy about 8 years ago
      Private property can be protected if 1) The surface can be painted with a solid colour; 2) A vigilant resident is armed with a big tin of the exact paint and a big brush. This resident must be active for only a limited period by covering grafitti within 24-48 hours. After 1-3 operations the job becomes unnecessary. This was certainly effective for my strata building and quickly cured a previously constant expense. I enjoyed the quick painting exercise and washup, just kept brush, paint, rag, stirrer and opener in a ready spot.
    • everything-all-the-time about 8 years ago
      Hi Mr_A,As far as I'm aware local roads are not a state government issue. The state government only maintains and repairs 'main road' and arterial roads like freeways. Council has to look after all the other roads in its area, and it seems to be one of their most expensive activities. Perhaps all roads should be the responsibility of the state government though. Or maybe we should have a funding system for roads like they do in New Zealand, where local councils get a share of the fuel excise collected by the national government, which covers a large chunk of the money councils need to repair and maintain roads!
    • alex ross about 8 years ago
      Newcastle City Council supplies residents with graffiti clean-up kits. Could we trial that?Alex Ross
  • didda over 8 years ago
    roads definatley an issue in charlestown, I don't know if the roads around the square are councils responsibility or not but they are a right turns here, one ways there. absolute joke of a set up
  • rowly about 8 years ago
    do not accept the developers dollar over the local community interests. if you are short of money then slow the amount of people moving into the area so you don't have to provide services you can't afford. if you put more people in the area to try to get more rates all you really do is reduce the relaxed laid back feel of living by the lake. i'm happy to pay for the services but not if you sell the lifestyle i love so much to developers for short term gain. maintain the rural feel of living by the lake. put in gutters to stop all the silt running into the lake and destroying the fish habitat and putting mud along the shores where years ago sand used to be. don't waste another cent of our rate money on putting rocks around the lake edge to slow erosion. those of us that don't live on a waterfront only have the council access to the lake and now it is covered in rocks you can't walk on and the kids can't play on, a disgrace. spend our money on things that maintain our lifestyle, parks, boat ramps, free parking by key amenities, rubbish, roads. cut back on council wage costs, your bureaucracy is very large in comparison to other councils, this will save thousands of dollars.
  • Bandit about 8 years ago
    We need a much better and bigger jetty at warners bay! Best lake in the world with the smallest and swallowest jetty possible for the capital of the lake whats going on with that??
  • Dennis Burt about 8 years ago
    One of our concerns is the lack of foot paths, to many people (including us) drive short distances when we could walk, Excelsior Pd is a good example of this.
  • Shadowboard about 8 years ago
    All I require from the council is basic roads and garbage collection. I have lived happily here in Jewells since 1979 and need no changes. Now a self funded retiree, I don't want to fund other peoples wish lists. Nor do I want to become a burden to others. Already my major (largely uncontrolable) costs are Council rates and water rates.
    • everything-all-the-time about 8 years ago
      Hello Shadowboard,The thing is, everyone who has been paying artificially low rates (because of rate capping) since 1979 has not been paying their fair share for things like 'basic roads'. You can see this if you look through Council's budget documents on their web site. They have almost nothing in the kitty for future replacement of infrastructure assets. If we are not prepared to pay a more realistic price for these things now, then we are creating a burden for future ratepayers.As someone who is currently earning a wage, I can only imagine how tricky the financial uncertainties of being a self-funded retiree must be. But I think it's important for all of us to take a long-term view of this issue, as much as our circumstances permit.
      • Shadowboard about 8 years ago
        Hi everything-all-the-time Comment 9.1 I can afford council rates at present, but won't be able to as I age, if public sector inflation continues at its present rate. I recently met up with an old work colleague He is about 10 years my senior. He said, "I have to die soon. I'm running out of money."We payed for our roads when we bought our lots more than 30 years ago. There has been minimal need for maintenance in that time and we have payed ample petrol tax to cover such repairs. The most expensive work done in our street has been repairs to curbs damaged by the council's own garbage truck.My main priority is to keep a roof over my head in my old age, without having to beg. Currently I start saving in February to have money to pay my rates and car rego. I pay my rates all at once, otherwise they are a millstone that stops me enjoying Christmas.I have funded other peoples wish lists and follies all my working life, but can't afford to do so and shouldn't have to do so in retirement.Shadowboard.
      • ratepayer about 8 years ago
        totally agree with shadowboard.Every ratepayer who has been paying rates for many years should have the basics, roads, kerb and guttering. Once everyone is equal then provide more. Around the brightwaters area roads are poor there are no footpaths to walk safely to shops and no kerb and guttering. We have no dog exercise areas and little in parks and sporting fields. Why then does council provide drink stations at toronto, resurface good roads around warners Bay and provide terrific walking areas and bicycle paths in some areas. Why do some areas eg Speers point and Warners bay get everything on their wish list and areas around Brightwaters and Morisset get little. I pay rates too yet my house get flooded inside every time it rains and I am on a hill. The more you give council will mean the more money they waste, would council spend this money wisely to improve basic services in Brightwaters for its ratepayers or give wish list things to Warners Bay and Speers point area. Older people arouind here have to drive their goffers on the road to get to the shops. Most other suburbs have footpaths
    • thirteen almost 8 years ago
      Those on fixed income don't have the luxury of accessing public money. Work within your budget, the rest of have to.We are not against improving things for future generations BUT how about improving things for those right now. We all need basic services concentrate on that. Shed the non producing employees, no lurks and perks, start there ! Agree totally with you Shadowboard. :XDKudos for this forum BTW. All Council issues should be decided here, LMCC could be the first to impliment that.
  • Reeg about 8 years ago
    Stop councillors posturing on issues like making Speers Point a new suburb called Lake Macquarie for goodness sake and posing for pictures in the local media. Get on with fixing our roads and infrastructure. Encourage more people to use public transport, car pool, cycle and walk. Stop approving large housing developments where there is no public transport or local facilities. Get rid of the costly and totally unnecessary middle management at the council and employ more "hands on" workers to look after the city.
    • noddy about 8 years ago
      We need to brand a suburb and call it Lake Macquarie, it is absurd not to have a city centre for such a large geographic area like Lake Macquarie. I'm pleased the Glendale option has been shelved, Glendale is a very ordinary area with serious traffic problems already. Middle management at Council has already been severely reduced, with a large number of services collapsed under the responsibility of one person. There is a demand for new housing in Lake Macquarie, the current rent crisis will become even more critical if new housing developments are not approved.
      • Bloods about 8 years ago
        There appears no collapse of middle management from my perspective. It seems they are regularly advertising supporvisor, team leader and manager roles.Simply because there is a demand for new housing it does not follow that Council should facilitate delivery of the developers desires at the expense of the dominant lifestyle
  • Devitis3 about 8 years ago
    I would like to see a more disabled friendly Lake Macquarie. I live at Warners Bay on my on & i'm confined to a wheelchair. Warners bay has many places I cannot access. If I want buy flowers I have to choose & pay from the footpath. I'm unable to access a lot of the nice eatery's we have because I can't get in. A friend suggested we try the cafe just opened near Seamen ave. guess what there's a step. I have a large electric wheelchair & I feel very lucky being able to at least get out, but it's disappointing to not be able to get into places like "Lina's" & "Peacock Palace". I have trouble at "Centro" the disabled toilet door is too heavy for me to open & if I call out people just seem to walk by very frustrating. I'm mostly down there on my own.I also visit & have been visiting for a number of years "Pacific Smiles Dentist" at charlestown. They have a step & they have told me every time they can do nothing about it, BUT MAYBE THEY CAN. Down at Dr Morrisey's in John st Warner's Bay they have a small ramp & it works well for everyone. Some railings may be able to be placed each side of it to stop any tripping over it. Alternatively just a piece of wood for the tyres to grip onto when wheelchair presents. Anyway that's my soapbox for the day. Thank for your time. Kind Regards. Devitis3
    • Shadowboard about 8 years ago
      Dear EmmaLeigh, Do you want people burning fuel to go to work, where they use more gas and electricity just so they can pay rates and taxes to improve the environment? What is the use of increased community activities if you don't allow people time to enjoy those activities?
    • Project Manager about 8 years ago
      Thank you for your comments. We appreciate that it is very frustrating for people with a disability to be unable to access some premises. In many cases however, the owners of these premises are not required to provide access until the premises are upgraded or a change in use of the premises occurs. Council’s Development Assessment and Compliance Department plays a role in assessing premises that are to be upgraded or have a change of use and our Community Planning staff review these applications to ensure that non discriminatory access and use is addressed.However, if residents are unable to access private retail or commercial premises, they should inform the owner/operator of the premises in writing with a request to carry out works to provide access. If this is unsuccessful, written complaints can be lodged with the Australian Human Rights Commission you from the Securing Our Future Project Team
  • EmmaLeigh about 8 years ago
    More environmental improvement and community activities
  • matt about 8 years ago
    I'd like to see the Fernleigh Track link to other off road cycleways. I think we are close to having a very enviable regional network that will attract tourists and give the community a healthy lifestyle. I think Council should also broker deals with neighbouring councils to get the cycle network expanded. In Newcastle we can just about get from the Fernleigh Track in Adamstown to the Foreshore without going on road but there are a few missing links. If we can fill these then it becomes safe for our children to cycle. I would also like to see off road links to schools as a priority so we can let the next generation of young people cycle safely to school.I think more attention needs to be paid to the state of the median strips on our major roads - especially the pacific highway coming into Charlestown. These days they are overgrown with weeds and in Charlestown divided with an ugly fence. These are not welcoming statements for anyone passing through - it makes the place look like it is uncared for and unwelcoming. Not something that will attract investment.Charlestown Square has given Charlestown a real boost but we somehow need to carry that through to the rest of Charlestown centre which is completely horrible to look at and to visit. I have no idea who allowed that hideous building with the 1950s pedestrian bridge to go ahead but it looks to me like nobody has a vision for the future of the place and it is decaying. A start would be to work with the RTA on some traffic calming measures (perhaps making the main street one way and sending other traffic through the street that runs down the back of McDonalds). This would mean the fence could go, we could have 90 degree parking to shield the footpath from traffic and we could broaden the footpaths. This is not exactly original. Many country towns have taken exactly this approach through their main street programs.
  • bigbadbarry about 8 years ago
    I understand the financial issues the Council faces, rate capping and the cost shifting imposed on it by others, but I dont want any of the services I use to be reduced or stopped please - I am sure others would feel the same way about the services they use too - so if that means I got to pay more in my rates to maintain what I have now as well as my neigbours and other LM community memebrs , then I would happily do so as along as it is not a ridiculous amount. Running an ever growing City like Lake Macquarie costs money and keeps people employed lets remember this as well everyone.....
  • Harry39 about 8 years ago
    Assist with the Catalina Hanger at Rathmines. Reform roads, closer to the water, via Wangi, Lakeview, Buttaba, Fishing Point etc. into a scenic/historic tourist drive. Maybe build a conference centre/tourist/study classrooms/kiosk or cafe combined with the hanger. Maybe a specialised research library and rooms, for both lay people and academics, and associated with the hanger complex, for Natural History, biodiversity, geology, marine biology, social history, Macquarie area archeology and genealogy. This may take the load off Speers Point Library and will provide a high definition centre for Westlakes away from more densly developed locations. Of course this is long term and is only possible whenever funds are available. Fees for use of the facilities may be necesary for ongoing costs but not to the point that potential users are turned away.
  • careybay about 8 years ago
    lets be fair, Govt has increased all other charges, even a rate increase around half that imposed for energy or water, say 10% pa would help enhance our great City and provide the services like libraries, much needed indoor stadium(s), swimming pools, road maintenance and keeping our beautiful lake foreshores accessible to all of us.
    • noddy about 8 years ago
      I'm in total agreement. My electricity bill has increased significantly. How does our Council manage the increasing electricity bills for all its libraries, swimming pools, baby health clinics, day care centers, community centers and administration building without raising more funds. Not to mention the increased cost of petrol. With our rates capped at a low level (compared to other Councils) something has to give.
  • lynpascoe about 8 years ago
    I would like to see LMCC upgrade Toronto's main street, The Boulevarde, to make it more attractive for shoppers and visitors.
  • fourth st about 8 years ago
    Continue to provide a good mix of services to all sections of our community. If this costs a litle bit more then so be it.
  • evanbmw about 8 years ago
    More involvement in social and environmental issues. Important to look after our wonderful environment and our people. If it costs a bit more so be it.
  • tonyellitt about 8 years ago
    I would like to see the walking / cycling track around the Bay connected with the Fernleigh Track, it would mean that I would do more cycling and walking......something I really should do more of but the roads are too dangerous to ride on
  • sandylou43 about 8 years ago
    I would like Lake Macquarie Council to have another look at the sign for pedestrians I requested at the Entrance of Otty's Lane I walk along the footpath to the brige and pass Otty's Lane yesterday and today I could easily have been knocked as the cars coming off the Main Road to enter Otty's Lane are apon me before I hear them . The Sign is not errected in the correcy place and the drivers cannot see it where it is . So please can someone come out and see me so I can show them what I am talking about. We need a maked crossing in several places on this main Road. Do I or someone else have to get knocked down before you the Council do anything ????
  • bigbadbarry about 8 years ago
    Has anyone else made the effort to go to any of the community workshops that are being ran this week? I went to the Belmont 16 footers sessions ast night and thought it was good. At first it was not what I was expecting but the information provided was an eye opener - especially the garphs comparing Lakemac with other Councils. We did some table discussions with butchers paper and looked at services we value - it was hard getting agreement on this as even with just the 7 others at my table we all valued different things for different reasons. I will be there for stage 2 of the process - thanks LakeMac P.S. was good to see the Mayor and some councillors attend also to hear what the people were saying - by my guess there would have been around 110 people plus
    • Gyarran about 8 years ago
      I agree Bigbadbarry! I also went to the workshop last night. it was a pleasant change to see such a good roll up - maybe everyone thought there was going to be a big argument just about libraries. It is too easy to criticize Council but I certainly appreciate the efforts they are making to consult with the community about the difficult financial situation they currently face. And the information presented (reinforced in the handouts) indicates they are doing a good job with the funds they receive when compared with other LGA's. I take my hat off to them for critically reviewing how they spend their funds - rather than just continuing what's always been done without question. I will also be there for Stage 2 - Council needs our support.
    • Lucy about 8 years ago
      I was most disappointed to find I had missed the Charlestown meeting and look forward to attending the next one. Would you mind putting brighter colours on the letterbox leaflet?
  • sandylou43 about 8 years ago
    Well I am really disgusted in the Council I doubt anyone would realize how often the Fennell Bay toilets are used.It is very often many people pull up in front of my place and run over to the toilets. Families fishing use them Contracters and people working use them as they are between jobs.Yesterday the Council bundled them up with divider sheets and that will be that no more toilets for the people who use the bus stop and all the people I have mentioned . I put a submission in but I didn't recieve a letter to say it is being removed . Oh well I hope the people enjoy going over to the Lions Park. I was working my dogs one day at the Lions Park and a man came running from the Toilet really distressed he showed me a man that was just getting into a car , the man waved to us apparently he had been sitting in a cubicle perving on this man I was taking to and other when they were going to the toilet he asked me to ring the police and I did.
  • phillipa about 8 years ago
    I would like the walking track at Bolton Point [ from the park] through to Toronto to be "made safe" for the older person. We have aleady had two neighbours that i know of fall , trip on exposed tree roots and fracture their shoulder and spend months at their daughters and undergo extensive Physiotherapy. Mothers/ Granparents have great difficult pushing prams and having small children walk safely on the gravel/pebles and had the unbalanced path. It is level and therfor ideal for locals who cannot drive or do not wish to drive to Warners Bay or Marmong Point.Lake baths at Bolton Point be made safe or removed.Toilet facilities and water made available at the Park/ field just below the Primary School on Bay road.
  • tim about 8 years ago
    connected cycleways would be great but that will cost Council more money. I'm happy to pay more rates for that. I'd like to see much more effort put toward shared services between CouncilsHowever, the presentations provided by Council officers seemed to always focus on "per capita" comparisons between Councils. Thats one analysis but you did not mention that your revenue and costs are actually higher than Newcastle Council. I'm sure each Council has its own idiosynchrasies which impact revenue and costs, so the constant bagging of other Councils (and bragging) was annoying and disappointing. There would also be cost shifting between Councils. E.g. I spend my working week driving mostly of Newcastle Council roads,using Newcastle Council car parks and footpaths.Our rates base is still much lower than other Councils so a rise above pegged rate is justified but can we make sure LMCC businesses take some burden too. the difference in business rates compared to Newcastle Council is too great LMCC grants funding is much higher than Newcastle Council. Why? Is that to offset your low rates revenue? Who gives these grants to us?
  • Sheila about 8 years ago
    Please leave Belmont Library alone!! Do more to PROMOTE Belmont Library (and other libraries) to local schools & educational institutions, clubs and community groups. Belmont Library is in a peaceful location, plenty of parking nearby & easy to walk to. WHY does Belmont deserve to be deprived of a great library location & service, only to be moved to a Type 3 (shopfront) status in new location? Simply because we are between Swansea & Charlestown? Secondly, we do not need a new suburb called Lake Macquarie!!! That is such a load of tosh. We do not need to waste millions & millions of dollars for a fancy building on a tree-lined boulevard. Instead, spend that money repairing the roads, improving the infrastructure that already exists. The Lake Macquarie community already made it clear we did not need a suburb called Lake Macquarie when this same debacle was going on about changing the name of Glendale to "Lake Macquarie". Why does Mr Piper keep pushing this issue? Belmont's roads are appalling & the infrastructure here needs to be addressed, as it does in many other areas. Stop wasting money on things like this & look at the real issues and LISTEN to the community, please.
  • WordsbyJenn about 8 years ago
    In reply to Rex & Edna, I said your message was aggressive, as it goes against what the open forum concept is about. The Lake Mac City Council made this website for people such as Ms Pascoe who want the main street cleaned up. I feel you intimidated this woman for having her say, you hijacked her comment into a general complain about the Chamber of Commerce. Are the two connected?If you want to complain about them, why do you not go onto their website at I hope Ms Pascoe and others continue to use this open forum, the main street needs cleaning and everyone has the right to say so.Cheers, Jenn.
    • Reeg about 8 years ago
      Jenn... if you read the council's list of responsibilities to its ratepayers it includes helping to promote shopping centres like Toronto. The fact the neither the chamber nor the council appear to help by promoting the boat festival (among other events) shows they are not doing their job properly and it is perfectly correct to point this out in this forum - and no we are not being aggressive.. Love Reeg xxxxx
  • Marmong Point Mum about 8 years ago
    I would like to see more bus shelters erected in the Marmong Point area. Currently - there are none. I think more people would use the public transport available in this area - which is quite good - if they didn't have to stand out in the rain and hot sun, waiting for the bus. I would also feel more comfortable sending my son to school on the bus, if he had a defined area to wait in, and not just on the edge of the road.
  • Marmong Point Mum about 8 years ago
    A pontoon jetty at Marmong Point boat ramp would greatly contribute to my family's lifestyle. This is a busy ramp, and a pontoon jetty would help remove the congestion that can occurs around the ramp, with boats nosed up onto the shore whilst cars are parked etc. Once the boat is launched off the trailer it can move away from the ramp, allowing more room for the next person to launch. The recent ones installed at Blacksmiths and Speers Point are excellent - there should be more of them around the lake.
  • Cardiffres about 8 years ago
    I'd like to see a more cycle friendly city. I'd cycle more but alot of the roads are too narrow or have very narrow shoulders. Its too dangerous. Existing cycle lanes don't connect very well. I'd like to see a safe cycleway from Cardiff to the Lake. I think Council does well to manage the services over such a huge area particularly when there is a big lake smack bang in the middle. Council is not a commercial business, even though the media keeps portraying services here and there are losing money. They are a community service, off course they are not there to make a profit. If Council can do other things to help boost their income then I'm all for it within reason. I'd like to see more residents active and helping Council and the city to improve in all sorts of ways.
    • Lucy about 8 years ago
      I agree with Cardiffres about Council boosting income - would bike rentals boost or cost?I would also be happy to help eg with graffiti. It seems to be mostly on road signs around here. Could residents be instructed and armed with appropriate tools/media, and assigned to particular local objects they watch and clean up?
  • Larry about 8 years ago
    The Northern suburbs need to be able to access the train stations. They also need to be able to access the other Northen suburbs around to the East of the lake. You need a car to get to and from these areas. It is very difficult for our teenagers, who we want to be active in healthy activities ie. beach activities, skate Park at Valentine etc.
  • Bosman about 8 years ago
    I really like to see some speed humps or road narrowing spots on Regal Way at the bend on the end of the road to slow down the traffic. One day a [my kid] kid will get run over and killed! Also a road sign "Driveways Ahead" just before the bend.Can some one from Council tell me what to do to get this happening?Thank you,WB
    • Project Manager about 8 years ago
      Thank you for your comments WB. The best way to seek action on these two items is to lodge a formal service request with us. By lodging a service request we can appropriately track the progress of your request and keep you up to date. While I would like to be able to lodge this request for you, to complete a formal service request, we do require further details like your name and contact details, and a condition of your sign up through Bang the Table was that these details remain confidential. If you contact customer service on 4921 0333 they will start the service request. Thanks again. Securing Our Future Project Team.
  • enough about 8 years ago
    Installation of a speed hump, southern end of Wyndham Way. Far too many P platers & irresponsible young drivers in this area who use this section of downhill road as a speedway (& not just downhill!). It's signposted 50kms but the majority would be doing at least 80kms when nearing the intersection of Desreaux Close. Plus, re the suggested re-naming of a part of Speers Point a suburb called Lake Macquarie. Lake Macquarie is just that - a lake which encompasses numerous suburbs & miles of foreshore. Rather than "benefit the tourism industry" as quoted in last week's Star, it would only confuse it. I was born in Newcastle nearly 60yrs ago & have watched Lake Macquarie grow till it has become the popular tourist region it is today -the whole lake, not a section of Speers Point!
  • Reeg about 8 years ago
    Improve the standard of its road repairs. A resident has shown me the work recently completed "upgrading" the two slip roads at Fassifern Rd, Blackalls Park and also Halewood Close. It is disgraceful. The roads were stripped and re-laid and there are now big holes and the tarmac is wearing away. For goodness sake who approved this job when it was finished? Workers have already started "patching up" Halewood Close ... another six months and the streets will have to be completely re-done.
    • Project Team almost 8 years ago
      Thank you for your comments. At the date your comment was posted, Fassifern Rd, Blackalls Park and Halewood Close were yet to have the final wearing surface placed. On the 28 and 29 September, 2011, the final wearing surface (asphalt) was placed along Halewood Close. The two access roads off Fassifern Street have been programmed to have a second seal placed in the week commencing 24 October. From the Project Team
  • Michelle about 8 years ago
    We need better public transport between Nords Wharf and Swansea. I know multiple Newcastle uni students who live in Nords Wharf and don't have a license and/or a car. It is extremely difficult for these young people to get home in the afternoon because there are no buses linking Nords Wharf and Swansea after high school hours. In order to get home from uni in the afternoon/evening my friends have to catch a bus from Callaghan to Charlestown, then catch a second bus from Charlestown to Swansea, where they then become stranded due to the lack of public transport. To get home from Swansea their only options are to call a Taxi or hope that someone will be able to give them a lift.
  • alex ross about 8 years ago
    The Council could be much more proactive about litter and rubbish around our footpaths and roads. For example, in Toronto there are no garbage receptacles between Toronto's fast-food outlets, bottle shops and take-aways and Blackalls Park (which has similar outlets). Where does the Council think this litter is going to go? If there are no bins, people will not carry empty bottles and food wrappers to their destination.As an example, check the Greenway link between Cary Street, Toronto, and Stony Creek, Blackalls Park.Vandal-proof, non-flammable bins are a must. For example, a logical location for a couple of bins, easy for roadside pick-up, is Stony Creek ParkPerhaps suppliers such as McDonalds could help with subsidised bins and a regular clean-up.Alex Ross
    • lynpascoe almost 8 years ago
      Hi Alex, McDonald's Toronto have recently subsidised a bin in Arnott Avenue near the RMYC. They have also increased their litter patrols. I would encourage you to either write to Toronto Tidy Towns or Toronto Chamber of Commerce (PO Box 382 Toronto) regarding this issue including your suggestions regarding bin placement.Lyn
      • alex ross almost 8 years ago
        Thanks, Lyn. I appreciated your response. It's good to see that our comments are being acknowledged.I contacted my ward Councillor with these suggestions previously. OHS provisions apparently prevent bin location in the most obvious spots (Greenway, Cary Street, etc). Council staff also rejected the idea of bins at Stony Creek Park even though a local resident has provided a bin there. This bin fills each week and Council empties it. It belies logic that this bin location cannot be formalised.I'll do as you suggest, and follow up with both Toronto agencies.Alex
  • Happy about 8 years ago
  • Lucas about 8 years ago
    Sport is an essential part of the identity of a community. Council should be promoting and providing support to representative teams in Lake Macquarie. The community should be aware of where they can go to watch their local representative team in action every weekend.As far as I'm aware some sports have teams that represent the suburbs of Lake Macquarie, rather than Lake Macquarie itself. I'm only aware of one team that represents the city of Lake Macquarie - the Lake Macquarie Lightning Basketball team.There should be a program in place to establish and support teams that represent the city of Lake Macquarie. If council is serious about establishing an identity then this is essential. It would be great to see the community proud to support their local representative teams in action every weekend and proudly wear the local teams jerseys.
  • Rebel 1 about 8 years ago
    There seems to be an abundance of money to be spent on cycle ways and parks if they are anywhere near Speers Point. The new playground, new cycle way at Croudace Bay when there is already one there. These are all great things that I don't have a problem paying for, but what about giving other suburbs a fair share. By extending the cycle way form Wangi RSL all the way out to Wangi Point, past the council owned caravan park to the Nature Reserve, would in my opinion benefit everyone. An area much the same as that at Green Point would be great for locals and tourists alike. And lets face it, little communities like that at Wangi thrive on the weekend trade. By having a decent path from the main shopping centre to the point (a distance of 2 kilometres) would give locals and tourists a liesurely 30 minute walk and reduce the traffic on the already potholed roads.
  • Acinom about 8 years ago
    I contacted the council about walking path over 2 years ago and was told it was on the 4 year plan. Unless I continually sent letters I recieve no communication as to where they are at for the building of a path which will make the safety of school age children better. I think more communication with members who have spent the time to bring up issues could be better. The council need to know while these are little issues they are important for the people that have brought it to their attention...
    • Green man about 8 years ago
      Acinom, you’re lucky, council responded to my request for 70meters of footpath was that they will not be reviewing my request for the next ten years. Council is happy for the elderly, the young and the cyclist to use the same section of road as the texters , buses and heavy trucks. Somewhere along the line, our council has been hijacked by those working in council for their own agenda and we need it to be returned to the ratepayer.
  • ss2284 about 8 years ago
    i live across from the chambers, a sure fire way to reduce costs is to stop using the extensive fleet of Subaru Forresters , Holden Commodores and Astras and other council cars that are driven only from home to the offices everyday by staff and back home at the end of the day , not for work related business . Staff should find their own means of transport to work and only use a council vehicle on council business
    • Project Team about 8 years ago
      Thank you for your comments. Council does have a fleet of passenger cars that are used by staff to deliver works and services to the community. They are used by staff to undertake site inspections, supervision duties, attend training, and off-site meetings. The number of vehicles that Council provides has been determined based upon our "peak" demand for vehicles. This allows for the provision of service at the level the community expects.The majority of the passenger fleet is "leased" to staff that permits some personal use of the vehicle, including driving the vehicle to and from work. This is done for a number of reasons:• The lease fee paid by staff offsets some of Council's cost in providing vehicles;• Council does not incur the cost of securing vehicles overnight;• Council does not have to pay for the cleaning, and maintenance checks of the vehicles (which is done by the leaseholder);• There is a productivity benefit with staff able to travel direct to job-sites from home rather than travelling to the office, before commencing work;• The number of vehicles that would be parked in and around the Council office would dramatically increase if staff were required to make there own travel arrangements, given Council would still require a significant number of vehicles to meet its business needs. This would adversely effect the neighbouring community.From the Project team
  • Realistic about 8 years ago
    i think more cycleways would be good - i thiink council already does a pretty good job - we have the BEST PLAYGROUND in Australia at speers point, great indoor and outdoor pools, a top art gallery. i would HATE to see a deterioration in the provision of these services - i am more than happy to pay the highest rate increase to see the current infrastructure improved upon and not fall into disrepair by just being maintained for the next 7 yrs.
  • Stoptherort about 8 years ago
    I'd like to see Council stop attempting to raise rates above the already high levels.. everyone else is being frugal in the current economic climate, perhaps council should do the same... No more brand new fleets of vehicles, no more overtime and no more general manager salaries in excess of $200,000
    • lornabee about 8 years ago
      I totally agree. I am a pensioner and cannot afford even higher rates and it is time the council understands this. I am not alone, many people find the rates are far too high. I live in Wangi Wangi and feel we are neglected by Council all the time in favour of the likes of Speerspoint, Warnersbay and such on the other side of the Lake. Please leave our Library alone as you do very little else for Wangi Wangi. I also think it is obscene that our General Manager earns more than our Prime Minister. No doubt other Managers at the Council earn too much and it is time to reduce theses wages to a more appropriate amount. That should save the Council quite a lot of money each week and until this happens do not consider raising rates.
    • Go Lake Macquarie City! about 8 years ago
      Do not agree...If we are to have an appropriately functional council with quality management we need to pay for such professionals.I struggle to see why someone would advocate for sub-standard or “budget” management for something as important as our lifestyle.I agree resources are limited and I fully support challenge and review of spending – quality top management is not the place for the axe to fall (Fleet vehilces are quite another matter - which I agree should be reviewed).Remuneration for top quality management should be on par for equivalent roles elsewhere - We deserve the best.
  • Ardy about 8 years ago
    I was a developer in Lake Macquarie, the council made it to hard and costly to do anything and cut their own throats, they are catering for the bigger developers and made it impossible for us smaller developers to do our single block unit developments and dual occupancies, no wonder they are going broke, no development, no money for the council, it is as simple as that.Everybody is crying about housing and unit costs, but local council, state government and federal government with their regulations and GST on new land/homes and units. has added tens of thousands to the price.If council wants to make life a bit easier for everyone and not put up rates (a rates hike will be taken as inflation by the RBA and lead to higher interest rates) they need to attract development back to lake Macquarie.
  • ratepayer about 8 years ago
    Run the Council like a business. The local paper recently told how council were putting up 20 corporate signs at $30,000 each at each town. To me thats $600,000.00. If thats right and your saying council is broke we need someone running council with good business accumen as well as common sense. It would be interesting to see what are wages for top Council staff. Its obviuosly too much as they dont know how to run a business if they cant budget correctly and now council is in financial difficulties. I see wastage by council all the time I see its employees asleep in their trucks under trees in parks. Council has created its own empire getting away from basics. Creating obscure jobs within council. Before cutting ratepayers services look in your own backyard. I know Wyong council gives free Fitness First membership to its council employees what lurks and perks do lake Mac have. If you question my comments I retired at age 45 after successfully running numerous businesses and all within budgets. You need a GM who knows how to cut wastage and costs rather than cut services and increase rates to pay for their mismanagement.
    • Improver about 8 years ago
      The survey is certainly biased and doesn't pass the tests for a valid survey. The forums were the same - slanted to a pre determined outcome. Council does is not prepared to hear anything which is threatening to teh cosy empire which has been allowed to develop.
    • Go Lake Macquarie City! about 8 years ago
      Whilst I do not condone needless waste, town signage is important to our collective identity.I am tired of being considered the southern suburban sprawl of Newcastle.Iconic signage will develop and create the Lake Macquarie image - much as the Opera House & the Harbour Bridge does for Sydney (albeit on a much smaller scale).
      • ratepayer about 8 years ago
        You seem to miss the picture, "Council is broke" They have spent more money than they have. If you are quiet happy for this signage you can pay for my rate increases. Also next time it rains and the water run off from the road has nowhere to go but down my front yard and into my house just be happy its not your place that is getting flooded. But this is not probably as important as having collective identity. Go live in Newcastle if you have an identity crisis
  • Green man about 8 years ago
    I believe this survey is bias in that council has only given the ratepayers three options, they are 1. is council doing a good job, ( answer - No you cannot operate within budget)2. is council working for the ratepayer ( answer - no council seems more intent on self indulgence)3. do you support council sacking field staff (answer - no council is top heavy in administration numbers)Council should ad to survey the question " Should council reduced senior management to save funds" than ratepayers can respond with a yes.Council needs to dissolve the positions of Directors along with the support staff and benefits that these positions demand. This would lead to a $2 mill annual saving to council as council can function just as well without these luxuries.If this course of action is unpalatable to council than council should remove the two tiers of sub mangers sitting below the directors for an estimate saving to council of a annual $3mill. ( these figures are guesstimate as council will not give out figures to make an accurate figure). Either way council will save a huge amount by removing none essential personnel.I in no way would support the removal of field staff, their supervisor or the engineers and their immediate mangers as I believe they are ding an excellent job but they could do better with the funds released with a flattening of the senior management structure of council.
    • ratepayer about 8 years ago
      Your totally right, but these questions have been orchestrated so that council will do what they want ,increase rates and then defend themselves by referring to having a community consultation and meeting the survey responses. Reading back through peoples comments, its obvious that ratepayers overall are unhappy with council management. By looking at the last few responses alone you could have reduced council deficit with some fiscal responsibility. Running a business is like running a household budget," You dont spend more money than you earn" How can everyone else see the problems and have responsible solutions yet highly paid qualified management have got us into trouble and now there seeking our views on how to get out of trouble. Should we really be paying this management team and councillors.
  • Steve about 8 years ago
    Council should be looking for savings through a restructuring of its middle management and sharing of some equipment/ contracting out of its Civil Lake arm with other Regional councils. The current surveys/forums are absolutely bogus in asking "permission" to cut vital Council core services-roads, pathways, libraries, etc-in order to get over its financial woes! Yet the Mayor and his supporting pro-development council majority waste $100,000 on the move to Glendale and try to get extra revenue by destroying the huge success of the Warners Bay village atmosphere by giving the go-ahead to a 6-storey monstrous shopping centre. Some of these same councillors want to cut back heavily on the one shining success of this current Council-the Sustainability Department: It has had such success in helping people in Lake Macquarie protect the wonderful lifestyle of Lake Macquarie city by being more careful with the environment and not wasting so many of its resources.Sure, increase the rates to improve core services-that's where people will see value for their money. Work with all the very new and inexperienced State Members of Parliament-they haven't done much, have they?-to integrate our transport with connecting cycleways and mini-bus routes and make sure that our arterial routes are upgraded. For example, the choked road system through Belmont, around the east side of the Lake and from Argenton to Toronto need upgrading. Services are poor in certain areas, particularly for walkers around the West side of the Lake where sidewalks are often non-existent and walkways badly needed. Let's put more bikeracks in, more youth and senior facilities, more recycling bins and walkway solar lighting, and clamp down on fastfood rubbish and demand that Supermarkets charge for plastic bags in our city, etc!So, stop all these endless council reports- sure, increase the rates but increase the core services and meet the core concerns of your constituents! Otherwise, let's vote for a new Council next September that will get on with the job!!
  • Deb about 8 years ago
    I reside in Belmont & love living there, but I believe more could be done to make Belmont more pedestrian friendly. Currently, motor vehicles and bicycles rule the roads with nominal facilities for pedestrians. I believe replacing pedestrian crossings with pedestrian refuges has been a backward step with pedestrians risking their lives when attempting to cross the road. It is rare for a car driver to stop and give way to pedestrians these days. There are many elderly and disabled residents in Belmont who must find it very difficult to get around Belmont CBD and Belmont foreshore. Such a shame - our lovely suburb should be accessible to all not just those in cars and on bicycles. I would also like to see a dog exercise area created in Belmont, I'm not aware of one in our suburb.
  • jack C about 8 years ago
    Stop treating ratepayers money as their own bottomless bucket. The current farce of giving ratepayers three options is a joke, there is a fourth option. Sack the Council and bring in an administrator. Why has the Council gone into the red for the first time ever. Self indulgence and mismangement. How come top management are getting huge pay rises why screaming poor. How come Councillers are cutting meeting by half but not their allowances.How come Council no longer tenders for outside work and leaves men and machinery idle.How come we have to fund local goverment holiday camps whilst they recoil in horror at the word almalgamation. How come all Governments cling to this centuries old idea if you own land you are rich and therefore should fund local Governments. Think outside the square. This is the age of computers. If you want to increase your revenue base. Spread the burden.
  • Go Lake Macquarie City! about 8 years ago
    Support for increases to rates!There should be no problem in paying more for better and improved services.Lake Macquarie is a fantastic place to live and personally I want to see it get better and better.LM is already a desirable place to live – I would be very disappointed if our wonderful city was to fall back to 3rd World standards for the sake of squabbling over a few dollars rate rise!I love where I live and I what to be more proud not ashamed of decaying roads, buildings, services etc.
    • Stoptherort about 8 years ago
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    • Stoptherort about 8 years ago
      Go Lake Macquarie City! writes "There should be no problem in paying more for better and improved services"No problem for whom? The average family is growing tired of getting screwed over with rising living costs-be it from rising fuel, electricity, groceries etc.The only people who will happily pay these rate increases are most likely on Council General Manager level incomes (which by the way should be slashed before Council even dares to cry poor to the ratepayers)
      • Go Lake Macquarie City! about 8 years ago
        Responses:a) Surely you are not advocating sending our beautiful city into a spiral of decline?b) Your comments regarding rising costs are completely valid – these rising costs also apply to LMCC.c) It is important to remember that it is “average families” that utilise the wonderful benefits our city provides (Clean lake, bushland, cycleways, walking tracks, sports fields, pools, libraries etc). It would be a travesty for these to fall into decline for sake of the equivalent cost of a cup of coffee per week.d) Your attack on the GM is neither useful nor warranted.
        • Stoptherort about 8 years ago
          My shot at the GM is very relevant to this discussion given that the individual in question receives a $310,000 per year paycheck from public funds.For the record this is significantly more than the Prime Minister of Australia receives. Therefore one must ask:Do Council GM's deserve such high wages given their inability to balance budgets?? AndWouldn't some of that $310,000 be better spent on library staff, pool lifeguards and maintenance workers?Its not just higher rates...its higher entry fees for pools, Dumping fees, a rise in sports oval usage fees...All of these sacrifices from local residents while council's top end laughs all the way to the bank?Not Happy Jan...
          • Go Lake Macquarie City! almost 8 years ago
            Whilst I do not know the validity of your claim or otherwise what amount would you suggest is appropriate?What level of professionalism should we be aiming for?Maybe we should offer $31,000 instead and see who we get? Just think of the savings!Value for money is always an issue – even if the GM worked for free the problem of insufficient funding remains.
      • ratepayer almost 8 years ago
        I moved to lake macquarie 30 years ago because it was a place I could afford and was a beautiful area. As property values of waterfronts have risen in recognition of the area. My rates are determined by the land value which I have had no control over. As these rates have risen sharply my income has not. I would hazard a guess and say that I pay probably double the rates that you pay yet I have no kerb and guttering, my house gets flooded by rainwater run off. around my area we have no sporting fields, footpaths, the roads are shocking so we see very little value for our high rates which probably go to subsidising others. If you want to pay more and leave my rates alone thats fine . People like you can volunteer to pay more to provide me with better services. In fact why doesnt council have a 4th proposal so that all the people that are happy to pay more can. That way everyone is happy. To suggest that we could fall back to 3rd world standards is a ridiculous comment , if yourve ever been to those countries you would appreciate how good we have it.
        • Go Lake Macquarie City! almost 8 years ago
          It is always hard when capital value has gone through the roof - Shame those like myself cannot afford to live near the water...I can see how a few hundred dollars per annum in rates must be difficult where property values have doubled (what say increases of $200k or $300k+). I feel incredible pity for those sitting on Million dollar waterfront properties - especially the whinny ones!
          • ratepayer almost 8 years ago
            1st off 30 years ago waterfront properties were not million dollar properties. It appears your assesment logic and arguement are highly exagerated like your referral to Lake Macquarie becoming like a 3rd world country and your incredible pity. Stick to true facts, your in the minority and I can bet yourve never run a business at least a profitable one.
            • Go Lake Macquarie City! almost 8 years ago
              It would seem that NOW however you do indeed own a million dollar property - yet you also now bleat about rate increases of a few hundred dollars at most.I congratulate you the financial success derived from your waterside property investment!My reference to 3rd world standards was clearly to highlight the potential relative fall in our standards and facilities - Only the most literal and linear individuals (with little peripheral thought abilities) would take away such a direct interpretation.For clarity sake I believe it is very unlikely that Lake Macquarie will actually fall back to 3rd world standards and my example was intended to be figurative only - I thought this obvious however clearly this is not the case. I trust the record is now corrected and my assertion clear.
  • Improver about 8 years ago
    The concept of efficiency improvement and cost reduction seems to be completely missing from the Council’s psyche. According to the Council’s survey, we can have less for the same $ or the same for more $ or a little more for a lot more $.WHAT ABOUT MORE FOR LESS?Most successful businesses have the concept of “more for less” as their paradigm for survival. They engage in continuous and relentless efficiency and cost improvement to remain competitive. There is no reason why LMCC can’t do the same, apart from the paradigm paralysis and culture which prevails in the organisation.Cost reductions of 30-40% should be achievable through a management driven improvement which focuses on:-• The few key services which deliver benefit to the majority of the community or which are mandatory requirements• Eliminating services which do not deliver benefit to the majority of the community (LMCC can’t afford the luxury of trying to be all things to all people or of catering to minority groups)• Eliminating waste, error and duplication in the remaining key processes • Improving the efficiency of the key processes to exceed external benchmarks• Outsourcing those processes which can be accomplished more effectively and efficiently by outsiders because of economies of scale• Eliminating the resources which support the redundant processes, including people• Assessing any potential new services against criteria based on whether value is delivered to the majority of the community• Disposing of non-key assets and the structure which supports them
    • Stoptherort about 8 years ago
      Totally agree-- but it seems simple economic management is beyond the comprehension of council... or else they wouldn't be in this situation to begin with.
      • J Pauling about 8 years ago
        I think the situation is far more complex than presented in your comment.Review, driving efficiency and reducing waste should all be central elements of any council activity - but sometimes this may not be enough. It has been noted in several posts that costs are increasing everywhere - this is true for council as well.Should we not strive to have the BEST city in world? (and therefore contribute a little more in terms of current rate levels).
    • Go Lake Macquarie City! about 8 years ago
      Whilst your argument is entirely legitimate regarding necessary improvement in terms of increasing efficiency & productivity - a degree of precaution is also necessary. There is so much more to life than economic rationalism.Moreover, there is no greater risk to society than the tyranny of the masses – Who gets to decide who these minorities are? Diversity requires nurture and diversity is one of the key strengths of our beautiful city.
  • Green man about 8 years ago
    Reading through the other comments there seems to be a general theme that council needs to put in place better managerial practices before asking the ratepayer to pay more in rates.This survey is basically asking the ratepayer for approval for council to continue running the council affairs under the same managerial structure that is in place now. A structure that is flawed, and by it’s very nature is increasing taking funds from basic services and redirecting them to support the top managerial staff. If council staff was fully utilized with the existing level of funds than a increase of 7.42% increase would mean more managerial staff would have to be employed so council can continue with it’s self propagation and with a 9.89% increase council would really be able to do a snow job on the ratepayers by increasing senior staff levels and returning small tokens to the ratepayer so as to be seen as doing something. “No” LMMC you are not to get extra funds until you can show the ratepayer some major changes within the upper staff levels of the council and how you intend to administrate any increases in funds without increasing senior staff levels or pay rates.
  • J Pauling about 8 years ago
    As President of Business Charlestown I would like to see ongoing support for the Town Centre Program and economic development in general.Lake Macquarie has an absolute wealth of natural beauty and fantastic features but there is also an increasing contribution in terms of economics development and business which needs ongoing support.It would be detrimental to see funds cut or redirected away from the support of small businesses and Town Centres.If this means that rates need to rise to a level more in line with other cities I believe this is a reasonable trade off.
  • ratepayer about 8 years ago
    I have read through all the comments and it has been interesting to hear the varied opinions of ratepayers. Most comments are very good some applaud council and some do not, but I think people have to be open and look at the big picture of why we pay rates and what they should be used for, and most importantly the responsibility of council who is given this money to administer and deliver services equally to all ratepayers in their catchment area. Firstly some comments are wish list items, they are very good suggestions eg jettys, pontoons cycleways museums etc and should be looked at but possibly when council is back on track. Every single ratepayer wants and deserves the basics Good roads, kerb and guttering, footpaths and a few other things. Once every ratepayer has these then improve libraries, create cycleways make parks etc. The comments from some people of their wish lists are obviously from people who have all the basics and more and still want more. It is only natural to want to improve your own backyard. I would love to tour around with council and compare some suburbs facilities such as Warners Bay and Speers Point to other suburbs that appear to have been forgotten. Has our ratemoney been distributed equally and fairly but most importantly responsibly. This is a great area and can be greater but Council please dont forget who you are working for and what is essential. Around the lake are many people who can not afford at this time to pay more, especially for wish list items. Every business today is tightening their belts, Council should do the same. As for my wish list, kerb and guttering, footpaths, better roads, cycleways, sporting fields , parks, Library etc etc but first just give me the basics.
  • ratepayer almost 8 years ago
    Why doesn't council opt for a 4th proposal. This proposal will satisy all the ratepayers being the ones who are happy to pay more rates and the ones who dont. Have a voluntary rates increase where the ratepayers who are happy to pay rate increases to maintain or increase services can pay say an extra $100.00 a year. This would be interesting to see if the people put their money where their mouth is.
  • Robert almost 8 years ago
    All the comments are very interesting and show the diversity of individuals that we have in Lake Macquarie and the things that we all wish for in our Local Government area. We are very privileged to live in this most amazing place in Australia, with the lake, the beaches the rural countryside and the fantastic Watagan hinterland, what more could we want. We have a well run council and would probably struggle to find better in the state. We will always find space for criticism and we must hope that our council is already putting in place all measures to make us more efficient and getting the most value for our rates, however ..... we are faced in option one with a gradual deterioration in all our infrastructure and all our facilities that we all value. Under Option 1 we will see the loss of our Town Center Program and the Economic Development dept. which assists to keep our town centers and our business areas active and in touch and with a clear line of communication to key council officers and Councillors, and this in a way that as individuals we will possibly not be able to achieve. It is vital to have a strong business sector as this is where our jobs are and our future is. Under option 1 we will virtually loose our whole tourism and visitor information initiative and the marketing of Lake Macquarie, which brings travelers and tourists who spend money in all areas and build the business economy of our region. We can not allow the gradual deterioration of our place, as we will never be able to claw back the lost ground. Much as we do not want increases, we must accept preferably option 3 for the sake of our well being and for those who come after us. If you must vote for option 2, OK but let us not be party to our downfall by voting option1.
  • Alex_ almost 8 years ago
    While I do not want council to waste more money on more items sent to my letter box, they should also be very clear about the “true” cost to everyone As a example 3 years ago my house was in the land value bracket $0-$99k, and then it moved up to the $100K-$149K, and the way it is going it will be in the $150K-$199K in the next few years so the true cost to myself will be much higher than the shown 3% if I take option 1. Council: Be clear with the details!Within my household my family and I have to make changes to our lifestyle over the last few months to help reduce costs, at first it was challenging on the family and the lifestyle we now have is much better than it was before.We now only put our Bin out ever second week as we have been able to reduce packaging by smarter shopping and composting.There is lots of technology out there that the council should be using to improve efficiency to reduce costs.
  • dcp almost 8 years ago
    As a resident of Lake Macquarie for around 25 years residing in the south west region around Cooranbong, there is an observation I would like to make regarding the lifestyle in this part of LakeMac vs the north east region,ie Speers Point to Charlestown. I know the population base is vastly different, however the Cooranbong/Morisset area has largely been neglected my LakeMac council for the majority of the time I have lived here. The lifestyle of the affluent areas around the other side of the lake is vastly different to this western area. The facilities and level of repair/ replacement of the roads etc is a stark contrast. In the years I have lived here there are some roads that have been patched upon patch but are essentially no different or possibly worse in repair than when I first moved here. I worked in the Warners Bay area a number of years back and the council resealed a road that was in extremely good repair when the cost, or should I say price put on the work, could have been used in repairing a road in much worse condition. I have observed the so called workmen who are supposed to patch pot holes, and the workmanship leaves much to be desired. If they did their job properly maybe taking 5 minutes more the repair would not break out again with the very next shower of rain. I know this sounds like a gripe session, but I would like to see council start sharpening their pencil with the work practices engendered for so many years that is considered a right to only do so little work instead of being expected to do a fair days work for a fair pay. Administrative charges equal to the cost of the actual work done on a road repair or replacement is not good financial management of funds collected from the residents. The administering of these works should not cost as much.Even though I have had a gripe about the work and financial practices of the council, I understand the difficulty in delivering the services to such a wide spread council area. I have voted for the increase in services with an increase in cost if only to achieve a fair proportion of work in our area of the council area with improved road conditions. I know the deal done by a certain property developer in the west lakes area have hamstrung the council but I would urge the council to do what is necessary and then recoup the costs from the developer rather than holding our part of the council area to ransom.