Smart development case studies

Yarrabend, Melbourne – The Parkview Apartments

In Yarrabend, developers of the Parkview apartments have set themselves the challenge of future proofing their suburb, and pushing smart city boundaries.

Set along the Yarra River, six and a half kilometres from the city, YarraBend is a 17-hectare master-planned site that will include up to 4000 new houses, townhouses and apartments.

Key smart city elements at Yarrabend include:

  • Free public Wi-Fi throughout the precinct.

  • The Yarrabend app allowing residents to carpool kids to school, bike-share, view public transport schedules, get to know their neighbours, compare electricity usage, buy things, and check how busy the gym is.

  • Electric car charge points.

  • An on-site tech concierge who will fix everything from Wi-Fi connections to setting up a home entertainment system.

  • Super smart fitness studio, where cloud-based software is integrated into the mirrors to help correct the posture of weightlifters and analyse their current and previous workouts.

  • A virtual reality yoga studio, and swim classes that offer immersive experiences to “gamify” exercise.

Ginninderry, Canberra

The Ginninderry development in Canberra aims to be a benchmark and template for sustainable and innovative development.

Ginninderry covers around 1600 hectares, of which half is protected. The community will be built over 30-40 years, eventually housing 30,000 residents in 11,500 dwellings. This will be the first cross-border development in the ACT and NSW, with 6,500 dwellings in the ACT and 5,000 in NSW.

Smart city elements at Ginninderry include:

  • Encouragement to test and trial new technology within the development.
  • Integration of smart city networks to drive connectivity.
  • Development of a smart energy grid, allowing smart generation, storage, and sharing of energy.
  • Fibre to the home for every dwelling.
  • Award of a 6 Star rating (the highest possible) under the Green Star Community program.

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