Where is Trinity Point Reserve and what is included?

    Trinity Point Reserve is Council owned and managed land located at Morisset Park, on the south-western shore of Lake Macquarie.

    It comprises 3.95 hectares of public recreational reserve, which incorporates 1.6km of foreshore land.

    The partly cleared and partly vegetated site is bounded by Lake Macquarie and land that has been approved for urban and tourist development, including a marina that will be constructed on the land adjoining the reserve.

    The Draft PoM proposes that the land included in the reserve be categorised as:

    ·  Area of Cultural Significance to address both Aboriginal and European cultural values;

    ·  Park to provide recreation and improvement areas; and

    ·  Natural Area including the sub-categories of foreshore, bushland, wetland and escarpment to address the natural features of the land.

    What is this Plan of Management (PoM) for?

    A new PoM is required to ensure the cultural and ecological values of the reserve are protected, the use of the reserve meets a range of community needs, and appropriate management actions are identified and implemented to ensure sound ongoing management of the land.

    Once finalised and adopted by Council, this PoM will supersede the existing generic PoM.

    The Draft PoM has been prepared in accordance with the requirements of the NSW Local Government Act 1993, which stipulates that all community land be subject to a PoM.

    How has community feedback been incorporated into the Draft PoM?

    A number of land management issues have been identified for the reserve through community consultation and from flora and fauna and cultural heritage studies. The Draft PoM considers these issues and proposes management responses to facilitate the long-term management of the reserve.

    There has been significant community consultation arising from the Johnson Property Group development proposals for adjoining land that has included issues relating to the reserve.

    Community consultation by Council was undertaken in October 2015 in relation to the proposed category boundaries, which have been adjusted in the Draft PoM in response to submissions.

    What are the values of the site?

    The site has a range of values including biodiversity conservation, cultural heritage, recreation, public infrastructure provision and access to the proposed new marina development.

    What are the ecological values of the reserve?

    The reserve includes a number of Endangered Ecological Communities. There are also areas of protected mangroves and saltmarsh. While the land is partly cleared, all remaining native vegetation has statutory protection.

    What are the cultural values of the reserve?

    The reserve contains sites of both Aboriginal and European heritage value.

    A number of Aboriginal sites have been identified at the site as part of the Cultural Heritage Management Plan (CHMP) prepared in 2014 for the assessment of the adjoining Trinity Point development. There is an established potential for further items of Aboriginal significance to be uncovered by any future works in the reserve. There are also sites of European heritage identified in the reserve by the CHMP. The CHMP specifies management requirements for these significant sites, with which the PoM for the reserve land must comply.

    Recognising these cultural values, the Draft PoM categorises the entire reserve as an Area of Cultural Significance and its management strategies aim to protect them.

    What are the adjoining land uses?

    The reserve immediately adjoins the lake, the approved marina development and a disused baths structure in poor condition.

    There are substantial areas of seagrass in the lake adjoining the reserve.

    On the land adjoining the reserve it is mostly cleared vacant land. There are approvals in place over this land for tourist, marina and urban development. Easements in favour of the development are in place to allow access and servicing of the marina across the reserve.

    A residential subdivision also adjoins the reserve, and includes utility service infrastructure and drainage work relevant to management of the reserve. Easements are in place over these items of essential infrastructure, including a sewerage pumping station and a rising main.

    How does the Draft PoM address management of land adjoining the Trinity Point Marina development?

    The Draft PoM outlines management of adjoining land uses, including the Trinity Point Marina development, in its Management Strategy (Section 4, including section 4.2.3 Management Unit B – Marina Foreshore).

    The compulsory management strategies in the PoM are aimed at providing the community with recreation areas and facilities, essential infrastructure and a basis for the ongoing management of the reserve for vegetation, scenic and heritage conservation purposes.

    What is the planning process from here?

    Council will consider all feedback submissions in finalising the Plan of Management for Trinity Point Reserve. Once finalised, the PoM will go to Council later in the year for adoption. A copy of the final PoM will be made publicly available on Council’s website and an update will be provided here on Have Your Say at that time.

    How may I provide my feedback and stay updated?

    Council welcomes community feedback on the Draft PoM for Trinity Point Reserve. Please either complete the online submission form or send a printable version to PO Box 1906, Hunter Region Mail Centre NSW 2310 or email [email protected] before 8 July.

    Copies of the Draft PoM and feedback forms are also available at Council’s Customer Service Centre or any of the Lake Mac libraries.

    To keep updated on the progress of the PoM for Trinity Point Reserve, register to Have Your Say Lake Mac.