Why provide a replacement jetty and why at this location?

    The existing wooden jetty on the Wangi foreshore has deteriorated to a point where it is no longer safe to use and therefore has been closed and is in need of replacement. The site has been identified as the best location as it provides public access to amenities in the immediate area, is well positioned to support local sailing activities, is in close proximity to the local commercial centre and has ideal water conditions for safe navigation.

    What type of works will be performed?

    This project involves the demolition of the existing wooden jetty structure and replacing it with modern steel and fibreglass reinforced plastic deck grating structure, high quality piles, high-density polyethylene sleeves, caps, service pedestals, access ramps and utilities such as lighting and water outlets if required.

    Will a floating pontoon be included?

    Based on feedback we receive during the consultation, the selected design may include the installation of a fixed jetty, a pontoon jetty, or a combined fixed jetty/pontoon arrangement.

    Who is funding this project?

    This is a jointly funded project between Council and the NSW Government's 'NSW Boating Now' project.

    When will work commence?

    Work on constructing the facility is anticipated to commence this financial year, 2019-2020.

    When will the jetty be available for use?

    The project is expected to be completed this financial year 2019-2020

    Have environmental impacts been considered?

    Potential environmental impacts will be investigated as part of the preliminary environmental assessment and planning works.

    What usage is the new jetty expected to attract?

    The expected usage of the facility is unclear at this stage, however, Council is working with a number of key stakeholders to determine appropriate uses.

    Will overnight stays by vessels be permitted?

    Over night stays will not be permitted. This condition is inline with other public jetties located around the lake that are managed by Council, all of which have a maximum 2 hour time limit.

    What limitations are there

    Environmental site constraints will be assessed and may include the presence of seagrass on the site. The jetty will be designed to minimise or exclude any impact on seagrass and or other endangered marine life.

    The water is too shallow to allow for my boat to come along side the existing jetty.

    Investigations will be undertaken to determine if there is the possibility of extending the jetty out into deeper water to provide access for vessels with deeper drafts.