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If a 2 bin system could deliver greater diversion of waste from landfill and is more convenient for residents, would you be satisfied with a 2 bin system if Council provided additional garden waste pick-up services?

about 9 years ago

Some people have said they don't want a 3rd bin, nor do they need one. While others have said they need a 3rd bin to cope with the amount of green waste they need to get rid of. LMCC is interested in whether providing additional green waste pick-up services may satisfy those that are in support of a 3rd bin for the above mentioned reason?

  • MySay about 9 years ago
    Pick-Up the recycling bins WEEKLY, general rubbish FORTNIGHTLY and get a compost bin for your green waste!
  • My thoughts about 9 years ago
    I don't see how a 2 bin system could deliver greater diversion of waste from landfill since most compostable waste will be tied up in plastic bin liners? As far as additional garden waste pick ups this would be of great benefit OR simply a drop off point on both sides of the lake for residents on the lower eastern side of lake mac. Especially handy following windy days like last Saturday when branches came down a lot and we only had a pick up 2 weeks ago so now i have 5 months before another pickup... Another thing is i dropped a trailer load of green waste awaba a few weeks back and got charged like $20... This just deters people from doing the right thing... Each ratepayer should get at least a few green waste drop offs for free to encourage people to drive the 30 minutes out of their way to do the right thing... As far as the 2 or 3 bin system is concerned i'm happy with whatever provides the best enviro outcomes vs cost benifit.
  • Gyarran about 9 years ago
    We should be choosing the system that produces the best result for the environment and the best quality compost possible. Based on the comments from the previous topics this would have to be the 3 bin system. We shouldn't compromise because it is easier. I assume this new proposal would result in an 2nd rate compost product because of the level of contaminants? We should aspire to getting the best long term solution that is affordable, not just the easiest or most convenient. It will be impossible to come up with a system that suits every household - some are already composting / have worm farms / have chooks / don't have gardens so don't generate green waste / have kids and generate a lot of non recyclable/non compostable rubbish (e.g. disposable nappies - can't believe someone hasn't come up with a biodegradable disposable nappy yet!). Consensus doesn't necessarily result in the best outcome. It is critical that LMCC has the courage to make the right decision for the right reasons, tells the community why and what they have to do to make it work.
    • Project Leader about 9 years ago
      The 2 bin system does produce a compost product that is of lower quality to that of the 3 bin system, however it is of a high enough grade to be used in mine site rehabilitation. The issue LMCC faces is, if a 3 bin system is introduced, it has a higher risk of being used inappropriately to that of the 2 bin system, so the quality of compost could be compromised by people failing to use their bins correctly, which has been the experience of some other Councils in NSW. With the 3 bin system, the quality of compost is dependent on residents, whereas with the 2 bin system, it's in Council's control.Long term- the 2 bin system produces greater environmental outcomes in terms of reduction in greenhouse gases. But you are right, the quality of compost is a different environmental concern in terms of long-term legacy issues.
      • Gyarran about 9 years ago
        The more I read about the 2 bin vs 3 bin system the more I am starting to think that the 2 bin system is the better option. It is disappointing to think that residents cannot be trusted to do the right thing (and hence compromise the quality of the end product). But you only have to see what people put in their bins in the current system to realize that a lot of people just can't be bothered. I used to be respponsible for environmental management in a manufacturing company in Sydney. The factory people worked really hard to do the right thing. It was the managers and office people who thought they were too important to spend any time separating their waste - "someone else's problem".
  • Kenyon about 9 years ago
    I am one who does not need or want a 3rd bin - additional green waste pick up services for those who require it would be a good idea.
  • ologs about 9 years ago
    No - (a) residents would need to comply with the coouncil's pickup timetable(b) not good from a OH&S point of view(c) would be expensive(d) would increase clutter on nature strips
  • lamson about 9 years ago
    Additional green waste pick-up would, I suspect, be too infrequent. During the summer months, most of the bins in my 3.5 km long street are almost filled with green waste. Green waste needs to be collected at least fortnightly to be of very much benefit. Could a third bin be optional? Units and town houses may not make the same use of it. I would gladly pay extra for the collection.
  • BULLFROG about 9 years ago
    I definitely need a 3rd bin for green waste. Bins should be distributed on a needs basis and a fortnightly pickup would suffice.
    • resident about 9 years ago
      Our general garbage bin usually has very little in it (usually around one shopping-bag full for our household of 5)... this bin seems oversized, We use most of our greenwaste and foodwaste in the garden. We have recently started throwing meat scraps away as the dog nearly died from eating them. What we really need is a more frequent recycling pickup, an additional recycling bin or to remove the divider in the recycling bin so the space can be used more efficiently (the plastics/metal/glass section doesn't hold enough). When this section is full (mostly soymilk cartons and beer bottles), I have noticed that household members throw recyclables in the general waste bin.
  • Spandolin about 9 years ago
    I compost most of my kitchen scraps and green waste. Two bins are adequate at present, and if what little green waste I do put in them (mainly weeds) is sorted at a facility, so much the better.
  • doc about 9 years ago
    I personally cannot afford to pay for an additional bin. I also don't need one as I do recycle & compost.If people choose not to compost or for some reason cannot ....then I think it only fair that the users pay for an additional bin & bin service. If an extra service is supplied, it should be optional & an extra charge made if the service is used.I must admit though that there is a lot of misinformation regarding composting & recycling.Possibly Council provide more information & instructions on both these subjects. For clean do cans etc have to be? Using hot water is defeating the purpose. Also, which items are recyclable? Composting too...I have a problem with the thought of cooked meat scraps & bones in the too! Would appreciate advice/comments on this.
  • lornabee about 9 years ago
    I only want a 2 bin system and I would not be prepared to pay to have more than 2 bins collected. I live alone and while my recycle bin is usually full of paper the back section has hardly anything in it. I use my other bin mainly for green waste and if I have none it only has about 6 inches in the bottom of the bin used. I allso think if the council is thinking of closing library services how can they justify spending so much on waste. lornabee