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What do you think about Lake Macquarie's waste services?

over 9 years ago

LMCC offers a range of waste services to residents, these include the weekly bin collections, otherwise known as general waste collection (your general rubbish bin) and a fortnightly recycling collection (yellow lid bin). LMCC also provides a bulky waste kerbside collection, that happens twice a year. There are also other waste services such as Awaba Reuse Centre and Teralba Worm Farm. We want to know what you think about these services.

  • Gyarran over 9 years ago
    We rarely fill our general waste bin - we recycle what we can, have a worm farm and compost bin and avoid waste of any kind. If our general waste bin is full it's because we or a neighgor has generated gardening material that is not suitable for mulching. We only have a small car and no trailer so taking loads to the tip is not an option for us. We'd be happy to have a smaller bin and add a green waste bin that would be collected every fortnight or even month. The recycle bin works well for us and is usually at least 50 - 75% full.
  • matt over 9 years ago
    Maybe its having a young family but we always fill our general waste bin and usually run out of space in the recycling bin. However, the collections seem adequate and are always reliable.The kerbside collection is much needed and a great opportunity to get rid of all the accumulated junk in the house. I am also impressed with all the recycling that goes on with the kerbside collection - half our rubbish is picked up by others within a few hours of being put out. This seems to be very environmentally positive with people finding a use for our junk. When you are getting rid of a childs toy or a bike and the family of another child picks it up it feels good to know it is going to be used again and isn't just off to the tip.I wasn't aware of the Awaba centre or the Teralba Worm Farm (not sure what goes on there) but realistically I am not going to travel that far to get rid of waste. I use a compost heap in the yard for most garden waste.If anything was to be improved I would ask for more regular kerbside collections.It's also nice to be asked. Thanks
  • greta g over 9 years ago
    Our bins are rarely full because we recycle at home, grow most of our own fruit and vegies and compost food and garden waste.Council's current waste services are pretty good and meet our needs.Could Council encourage more recycling, composting at home as opposed to collecting green waste? Can Council develop an innovative education program incorporating home recycling hints,composting and organic gardening and home grown tips for vegetable growing and include demonstrations as part of the program? How about providing the option of a composting unit as opposed to green waste collection?
  • mrsmeganp over 9 years ago
    We would like to see a green waste bin, and a smaller general waste bin to encourage more recycling. We always fill our paper etc section, and have to put the rest in the general waste bin. We rarely fill our general waste bin more than 1/2 full, and we have a young family.Having a green waste bin that is maybe collected monthly would be great for our family.We have been to the Awaba Reuse Centre and didn't find it very good. The one at Salamander Bay is excellent.
  • Octopus Garden Design over 9 years ago
    Green recycling bins are URGENTLY needed across LMCC !!!Every major city in Australia already has this so why doesnt LMCC??A fortnightly collection (alternate to yellow lid recycling)is enough. Reduce the kerbside green collection to once every 6 months or altogether.Many councils across Australia are already using the green waste to produce mulch and soil for council parks and gardens and retail back to the community = $$$$.Imagine the amount of just lawn clippings that goes into everyone general bins each week alone ! madness.Ive been to the Awaba tip shop a few times but find it a waste of time. Most items are over priced and would be better off donated to a charity.Get onto it LMCC !
  • mmalik over 9 years ago
    We always fill our recycling bin. I find it difficult though to fit big boxes in as the bins are separated for plastics/ tins and cardboard. The result of this is that we either have to spend 3 months breaking up boxes bit by bit or put it in the general bin, which is normally what happens. I would love to have a green waste bin as our yard is not big enough to have a compost/ mulch bin. I've always thought that this service should be provided, as it is in other areas. This would stop me from putting the green waste into the general bin also.The services provided at the moment are very reliable.I agree with other people who have said that the awaba reuse centre and teralba worm farm just aren't accessible enough.
  • bigmac over 9 years ago
    We strongly encourage LMCC to roll out a 240lt Greenwaste service. Fortnightly or even monthly collections would meet our needs but like the others who have commented I am filling up my general waste with greenwaste. I would be very happy with a smaller general waste bin (having moved from an area that utilised them).Having only recently moved to Lake Macquarie I was disappointed at the response from LMCC when I called to enquire about repairs/replacement of my inherited 27 year old split and broken lidded general waste bin, to be told that I should just go and buy a new one ( approx $100) but LMCC were happy to issue their first rates notice on the same week. I think that it is reasonable to replace bins in such cases. Also had my General Waste service skipped twice in the first month. I'm sure the service operators would be unhappy with a binful of nappies outside their home for 2 weeks. The response when I called LMCC was pretty underwhelming.Lake Macquarie is by far the best place we have lived and opportunities for feedback such as these forums are really encouraging for us rate payers.
    • Project Leader over 9 years ago
      Hi Bigmac,We're glad to hear you're supportive of this forum.I had a chat to our waste collection team about your concerns and here’s a message from them...Lake Macquarie Council does not own the waste bins, they are owned by the property owner. We do however provide a waste bin repair service, see the link below. Please note that we do not repair or replace waste bins that are over 10 years old. If Council misses collecting your waste bin on the scheduled service day, please contact our Customer Service Centre on Ph 49210333. Missed waste services are logged and collected the next working day. Please leave your missed waste bin at the kerbside.
  • treena over 9 years ago
    The kerbside collections have always been consistent and regular. We fill our recycling bin each fortnight and alternating this collection with a green waste collection seems like a good idea. The partition in the middle of the bin can be annoying as one side will invariably spill over into the other anyway. Doesn't it all spill out into the same truck anyway?
    • Project Leader over 9 years ago
      Hi Treena,The truck that collects your recycling bin has a divider inside its hopper that mirrors the divider of the recycling bin, so the contents remain separated when they are collected. If you have a look in the second discussion topic on other waste services, you'll see a more detailed explanation of how the recycling system works in Lake Macquarie.Thanks.
  • treena over 9 years ago
    A couple of years ago I got a notice about another collection of goods for charity shops. This seemed like a great idea but I could never remember how and when the collection happened. Does it still happen?
  • Michelle over 9 years ago
    I think that people need to be educated better as to what they can and can't put in the recycling bin. Sadly I see a lot of recyclable stuff thrown away in the normal trash, and some stuff chucked in the recycling which can't be recycled. And if people are throwing away bottles that have liquid/sauce/cream etc. inside them then they should be reminded that those bottles should be rinsed out before they throw them away. And the council should continue to promote educational videos such as "The Story of Stuff" which explain the waste-cycle and encourage people to be responsible when buying products that will create waste.
  • savethelake over 9 years ago
    We strongtly agree about second hand saturday.We feel that if you do not need what you have, you should give it to someone that does need it or does not have the money to pay for it.We feel that we need a third bin for the green waste because at the moment greenwaste is taking up space in the general waste bin.
  • patchouligirl over 9 years ago
    Generally I'm very happy with Lake Macquarie's waste collection services. We don't need a green waste bin because we have very little garden and the council clean up is sufficient. Like some of the other participants, our recycle bin is always full after about a week and a half. The council clean ups are great.
  • Bolt over 9 years ago
    Having a large family, we have no trouble filling both general and recycling bins. Quite often we have to choose what recyclables we have to put in the general waste as it won't fit in the recycle bin.Having said that is it also possible to open up the recycle bin for more types of recyclables such as more plastics, small metal objects or even the evil shopping bags.Maybe also an extra recycling service at XMAS as it can take weeks and months to dispose of cardborad boxes and paper at this time, and soetimes I just give up at put it where ever it can fit.
    • treena over 9 years ago
      An extra recycling collection after christmas would be a fantastic idea. It would save so many recyclables going in the garbage bin.
      • Gayle about 9 years ago
        Extra recycling collection at Xmas would be great! Every year we seem to do the walk up and down the road trying to fit extra bottles from family get togethers and cardboard and paper from presents into others bins - which once upon a time was easy in our bay but now the demographic has changed everyone fills their bins themselves! Even having a drop off point to dispose of extra recycling would be great as with a large extended family which descends on for the summer holidays it can take months to get rid off any excess.
  • Gyarran over 9 years ago
    We are currently getting quotes for an additional worm farm. Interesting that it costs more to buy one from the Worm Farm than at the local hardware. If LMCC is really interested in reducing the volume going to landfill, they should consider selllilng the worm farms for a lower cost.
  • klm105 over 9 years ago
    I am about to move into the Lake Macquarie area from Newcastle and first of all would like to congratulate LMCC for having this forum. Friends who live in LM complain that having two halves to the recycling bin is difficult as you can't fit squashed up boxes in one side and if you try it prevents the bin being emptied properly (defeating the purpose). I can certainly appreciate what they are saying and can imagine I will be moving all larger boxes into general waste, which is a shame.As far as green waste is concerned I think having a separate bin collected monthly would be good and can be put out as frequently as required by those who don't have much green waste.
  • Mayor and Mayoress about 9 years ago
    We have lived in the LMCC area for about 5 months having moved from Newie. The split recycling bin is a pain and pretty hopeless. I am a stickler for tearing up cardboard boxes into flat small pieces to reduce the total volume in the recycling bin. My family have also been well educated in this technique (by me going on and on and on etc). The half bin in LM causes problems because the cardboard, newspapers and paper packaging gets wedged in the small space. It has failed to empty twice in the few months we have been here. Recycling needs to be easy to work and I must admit I have resorted to packing cardboard flat in the general bin to avoid overstuffing the half bin. Not really a satisfactory solution. There is definitely technology available to separate paper/cardboard, metal cans, different coloured glasses and plastics from a mixed recycling bin. It is expensive to set up initially. Not sure if Newie has it for their mixed bins. I'm actually a bit sceptical about how well council based recycling systems are run and monitored but it's hard to see thru the smoke and mirrors. So besides my little rant about the split bin, I don't think there is a need to have a green waste bin. I am no greenie but we recently planted a vege patch (good on us, I know!) and are going to get a worm farm going even tho we know little about it. I think the council should encourage people to farm worms and compost their green waste and thus avoid the need to have more diesel trucks on the road to collect more big plastic bins which will need to be made (and sold by council) and then process OUR green waste to sell it back to us as questionable quality compost at a premium. Charging to drop it at the tip is offensive enough already. And like I said, I'm no greenie! Just seems logical but i've blaaahh blaaaaahed more than enough! Thanks
    • Project Leader about 9 years ago
      We are looking into removing the split from the recycling bin to address this capacity issue. We are also looking at options for residents to opt into a bigger recycling bin but staying with a fortnightly collection. In 2012, the LMCC recycling service will enter a new contract and any changes to the service and system will occur then. At present, we are trialing a home composting system that includes a free compost bin, a free kitchen caddy, and a workshop for participants. This trial will be accompanied by bin audits and will give us information about the effectiveness of investing in the promotion of home composting.
  • sivens about 9 years ago
    while I have no complaints about the current waste system, I think recycling should be done weekly rather than fortnightly. my recycling is always full in the first week and I then have no option than to either store the recycle to the next week after the bin is empty or put it in the normal rubbish bin. I think the bulk waste removal should remain in place as it is a far more economical process for disposal of big waste items.
  • Me2 about 9 years ago
    Our recycling bin is always full and could easily be emptied every week, whereas our waste bin is not worth putting out most weeks. I would like to see a weekly recycling pickup, fortnightly waste pickup, and fortnightly green recycling pickup (in summer months only). The bulky waste collection twice a year is good and should be maintained.
  • Kenyon about 9 years ago
    The current waste collection services are good. We are a two person household and on most collection days our general waste bin has one small kitchen tidy bag in the bottom so a smaller bin would be better. I do not wish to have another bin in my yard, nor pay for an extra service.
  • Myfanwy about 9 years ago
    As a larger than normal family we find that having the recyclable bin collected only once a fortnight frustrating. We often have to put recyclables in to the garbage bin (that is if there is any room left in that as normally that is full every week as well). As for a green waste bin we would not use it at all.
  • My thoughts about 9 years ago
    Firstly I would like to applaud that council is after feedback from residents on this issue, and to point out since everyone lives under different circumstances the end result WILL NOT suit everybody perfectly. Personally we recycle, compost and have a worm farm for organic waste but as we are surrounded by trees all these methods combined still don't manage all of our green waste onsite, add to this we live next to a council reserve which is very overgrown and council refuse to clear up (due to budget constraints apparently) I think we need to be offered by council a number of options. Either a compost bin or a green waste bin (wheelie bin to be collected) and the option of unlimited drop off of green waste at sites on both sides of the lake free of charge to avoid dumping. We are lumped with the responsibility of taking care of our yard and the reserve next door and put simply the present options aren't enough... I know there are 2 kerbside collection times but that is not enough for people with large blocks surrounded by trees and they should not be penalised financially by wanting to recycle this green waste responsibly. I think the idea of a point on both sides of the lake where this material can be mulched and sold back to the public to fund the facility would be a good outcome. In terms of recycling I’m all for it. But one solution for all will cost more for those who don't need it and as costs are increasing that’s a bit rough...
  • aussie ali about 9 years ago
    The services we have are reliable.I nearly always run out of space in my recycling bin as others have mentioned. Either a weekly collection or getting rid of the divider would help. I often end up throwing green waste in the bin which I hate doing. I compost what I can but some items such as branches are impossible to compost. I have no trailer and Awaba tip is a long way from us. A green waste bin could be collected fortnightly or monthly.Special pickups such as computer waste are not always well publicised. At times it seems collection points are located in one place only which makes it a long drive to drop off eg batteries at Toronto. That is a long way from Charlestown. This council area is large and collection points need to be available on both sides of the lake.
  • lamson about 9 years ago
    Our general waste bin contains about two "plastic" bags of waste each week. The rest of the bin is usually taken up with green waste, e.g. grass clippings and leaves etc.. The bi-annual clean-up is good and needs to be maintained, however, there is a real need for a three bin system and we would be more than willing to pay a little extra for the service as the waste could then be recycled on a major scale. We do compost vegetable waste from the kitchen but have too much from the garden to be able to do this with successfully. Our recycle bin is almost always near capacity at the end of the fortnight.We used to have a collection for used chemical/household batteries and electrical goods. The collection was about every three months folowing the collection of the recycle bins (the next day) but it seems to have ceased. Am I correct? Or have I missed the notice?
  • Alternative Solution about 9 years ago
    Well, it does what it is supposed to do which is remove the rubbish and dispose of to reduce the spread of disease. I would like to see the weekly garbage collection continue to ensure that health and safety is maintained (fish, meat, nappies in an otto for a fortnight? yuck) We are able to fill our recycling bin in 1 week and the second week I am putting recyclables into the general waste as there is no more room. Would the green bin also take cardboard and newspapers? Would that then leave the recycling bin for bottles/cans/plastics only?I don't like the truck coming at 5am: tradies are not allowed to start work until 7am due to the noise, but how come a beeping hissing grunting truck can amble back and forth along the street at 5am still astounds me.I found the last green waste pick up notification was delivered too late, allowing only 4 weekdays to prepare which wasn't viable for a working family to arrange. A weekend to prune would have ment we could utilise this service. The tip is very expensive to use.
  • compost_rules about 9 years ago
    I think the system works well in general. The two issues that I have with the system are:We generate a lot of bulk green waste that we cannot compost (eg from palm trees or other bigger branchs) - a curbside mulching service on a quarterly basis would be appreciated (happy to take my mulch back as well!)One easy way for you to save money and do the right thing by West Lake Macquarie is to remove the extra waste collection that East Lake Macquarie gets. Okay we live on the western side - a bit closer to the tip but that doesn't get us free entry to the tip so why should East Lake Macquarie get their waste picked up one time more than the rest of us? Seems unfair unless our waste disposal fee is less in West Lake Macquarie?
  • cavespoker about 9 years ago
    I agree i think the 2 bins system works well in conjuction with the clean ups during the year ......i also think it is bad enough to store 2 of the bins let alone 3 they are not the most attractive things ,and in saying that when these bins were first introduced they were to be kept in the backyard but just take a look around and see how many of these ugly bins are in front yards or left on the kerbs ,homeowners should be made to store them out of site ,so if they are not putting 2 bins out of site they are not going to worry about a third bin .
  • ehsuz about 9 years ago
    Going to the dump is ridiculously expensive. How about free tickets with your rates or free dumping of green waste at least.I would be extremely reluctant to pay more for so called improvements. Will we see a reduction is rates if we go to the three bin system, as there should be a reduction in dump services?
    • Project Leader about 9 years ago
      Hi ehsuz,Unfortunately there won't be a reduction in waste management charges. Regardless of whether Council opt for a two bin or a three bin system, waste management fees will increase because of NSW State Government Waste Levy. The State Government tax Councils on every tonne they dump in landfill- and the tax will only increase over time, so the aim of developing a new waste management system is to divert as much waste from going to landfill as possible. The two system we are discussing both divert waste, the 2 bin system can divert more waste than the 3 bin option, however, the 3 bin option costs slightly less. You also have to consider convenience for the resident with sorting waste and also having room to house a 3rd bin... It's a complex situation. Would you prefer to sort waste at home and have 3 bins, or stay with the current 2 bin system?
  • concerned about 9 years ago
    We feel that by providing a green waste bin would as well as providing an option for someone to compost on a large scale and sell the result to cover costs,it would also extend the life of the tip.Allowing people to dump their green waste for free allows for practicle recycling it can also generate an income stream. This system works well in other Australian cities.
  • RodH about 9 years ago
    Quite happy with the existing services but would like a green waste bin as well.
  • eaglesmith about 9 years ago
    We have an overloaded recycling bin most fortnights so a weekly collection of the yellow-lid recycling bin would be an improvement. Because we have a greenwaste recycling business in the Lake Macquarie area, we do not have a problem with greenwaste. We dont currently compost at home and would be interested to find out more. All other services are satisfactory. p.s Loved the
  • jannianm about 9 years ago
    If the cost of three bin collection is so much higher than a 2 bin system both in dollars and environmentally, why are we talking about this? Leave the system as is.
  • Pat about 9 years ago
    I think the current LMCC waste collection services are very good. Would like the bulk waste/green waste collections to happen more often - say every couple of months.
  • maryanne barry about 9 years ago
  • Aly about 9 years ago
    I have many trees and plants in my yard so a green waste bin would suit me. I do agree that the general waste bin should be reduced in size to accomodate the third bin though. I feel it needs to be collected on a fortnightly basis instead of weekly with the recycle bin being collected weekly as a majority of the time our recycle bin & many others in the street is full before collection day.
  • Cookie about 9 years ago
    Time we had a weekly recycle pick up. My ideal bin system would be: small bin for general waste collected weekly. Large bin for recycling collected weekly and small bin for garden waste collected fortnightly or monthly. My kitchen waste goes to my two chooks or in one of my compost bins. Only need green waste for garden waste that can not go into compost. eg too woody or weedy. I find my general waste bin is only half full each week while my recycle bin is overflowing each fortnight and I have to put some of it into the general waste. Bulky waste collection is fantastic - keep it up.
  • Cecil about 9 years ago
    We definitely support the idea of weekly recyclable pick ups. Our Recycle bin could easily be filled weekly, but as it is a fortnightly collection we are selective as to what gets recycled and some recyclables have to go in the normal waste bin! Also agree with the idea of an extra Christmas recycle pick up,...all that packaging takes a few pickups when you have a lot of kids!!!!.As for a green waste bin, our own situation is that we have a large compost bin that we use at the moment to recycle the bulk of our green waste. We are contemplating a worm farm in the near future. Any larger prunings/branches are put out for the kerbside bulk waste collection but we are looking into getting a mulcher soon to recycle most of this ourselves. Great forum Lake Mac. !
  • Muktipriya about 9 years ago
    Lismore council has been collecting green waste for years and processing it at a state of the art worm farm. I believe the resulting compost is sold to organic farms etc.The main point is to reduce landfill volume by:1. Ensuring all recyclable material is recycled - households must be clear of what can be recycled.2. No garden green waste should go to landfill - it is a valuable resource.