Why is Boolaroo getting a new park?

    Given the project high growth in the area, a local park and playground was identified to be provided in Council’s Parks and Play Strategy. 

    The new park and playground will be funded by S7.11 development contributions from the Glendale Catchment Development Contributions Plan.

    Section 7.11 Development Contributions are levied to provide amenities and services for the growing area, including open space acquisition, local recreation facilities, city-wide recreational facilities, community facilities, roadworks and traffic management, conservation and management. 

    Where will the park and playground be located?

    An area of 5,000sqm has been identified for the park and play area on the corner of MacKenzie Drive and Milburn Circuit, Boolaroo (as identified by the red boundary on the aerial photo below).

    What is proposed for the new park?

    The new recreational space has been planned through the Glendale Catchment Development Contributions Plan, with Green Capital Group leading the way in developing the location and designs.

    A local playground will be included in the new park. Two playground equipment options are currently proposed which residents are invited to give feedback on. Please note, the equipment design options including landscaping are concept only.  

    Both playground equipment designs contain elements that encourage a mix of climbing, balance, strength, coordination and accessibility. A drinking fountain, bike racks and bench seats are also included in both options.   

    Once the detailed design for the playground is finalised, landscaping will be incorporated. Further detail in regard to supporting infrastructure will be determined in the detailed design phase e.g additional seating and fencing.

    When will construction of the playground be completed?

    Construction is likely to be completed within the next 18 - 24 months, weather permitting.

    Has the chosen site in Boolaroo been remediated?

    The playground situated on the corner of MacKenzie Drive and Milburn Circuit, Boolaroo was part of the former Pasminco Smelter site. Soil contaminated with metals including lead, zinc and cadmium has been remediated by excavation and removed to a containment cell on the main former smelter site.

    A site audit statement was provided by the NSW Environmental Protection Authority in August 2014, confirming that the site is suitable for residential and recreational use.