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My Love of Awaba House

My interest in Awaba House is extremely personal. T.A. Braye was my great grandfather.

I lived in the cottage that was situated in the far south/west corner of the Braye property on Marmong Road and adjacent to the high school (the school was built while I lived there).

Some of almost every day was spent with my aunts, Kath Braye and Helen Street (Dr Braye) at Awaba House. Myself, my friends and many other Booragul children spent hours playing and climbing in the giant Morton Bay Fig tree. As I watched Awaba house burn last August I felt like I was losing part of myself.

As to the future of Awaba House, I hope beyond all hope that the façade will be saved. The house sits so perfectly in its position. The council has perfected the surrounding gardens, lawns and pathways, etc.

It is a perfect compliment to the Art Gallery; the old and gracious and interesting with the new and vibrant. The interior could incorporate a function centre and perhaps an area for local history displays. In retaining the façade, I'm sure the pleasure of future generations, in being able to experience some of the spirit of past history of the site will be worth any additional cost.

Patricia Eveleigh

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Consultation has concluded

Admin Commented Lake Mac about 4 years ago
Thank you for taking the time to share your story Patricia. It sounds like you have some lovely and cherished memories of Awaba House.
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