How we move

over 3 years ago
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In the Lake Macquarie LGA, 90% of trips are by car.

With a growing population, the number of vehicles on the road are increasing. In 2013, there were 13,000 more vehicles on Lake Macquarie roads than there were in 2009.

When we look at why we move, going to and from work is second on the list. Most of our trips are for recreational pursuits and social interaction.

Interestingly, recent survey work has shown that 26% of trips to our town centres are by walking, cycling and public transport.

What will help you move around the City more easily?

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Consultation has concluded

DavidCh almost 4 years ago
Footpaths definitely closely followed by kerb and guttering and decent drainage. Separate cycle ways from footpaths for greater usability and safety. Many of our lakeside communities were developed before these basic facilities became the responsibility of the developers. In terms of presenting our area as an attractive, serviced and enviable place to live, it looks very poorly provided for.
IcaJess almost 4 years ago
Footpaths!!! You can't expect people to move about by other means if the infrastructure is not there. The lack of footpaths in our suburbs is appalling. It creates an environment where people don't feel safe and discourages the disabled, elderly and families (particularly mums with strollers) to move around our suburbs and walk to the shops or connect with other forms of transport. This really needs to be addressed if the council is serious about changing behaviour.
Japs almost 4 years ago
Better public transport options and greater connections between CBDs in the villages around Lake Mac. The traffic through Belmont especially is ridiculous at times. If getting around the area was improved, then larger connections could be tabled like a ferry from newcastle to the lake to integrate or continue the ferry service around the lake. There needs to be greater integration between Newcastle and Lake Mac
Captain T almost 4 years ago
I think the bridge idea across the lake is brilliant for tourism and simply enjoying the best of the lake quicker. Imagine cutting the travel time from Toronto to Charlestown from 40 mins to 10 mins. From Toronto to Belmont in 5 mins instead of 50. Alternatively a tunnel to get across would be just as good.
hben almost 4 years ago
More space dedicated to safe cycling (and walking) - separated from cars - so that I feel safe cycling and walking around the city. There is already some great cycling infrastructure in Lake Mac but more linkages are needed so that they can be used to commute to where you want to go and not just for recreation. E.g. links from Fernleigh Track to Charlestown and Belmont town centres. Also, need opportunities to be able to cycle part of a trip and then use a bus (storage for bikes on buses).