A Park for All Ages

by Sunnisha,


I would like to suggest the park has play equipment for small children/toddlers and for older children. Toddlers find the existing steps and bridge too hard to manage and the equipment doesn't challenge older children who climb all over the tunnel slippery dip.

One thing I have noticed when there is toddler and older children park space is they put the equipment too far away from each other, so if you have a toddler and then a 5 year old you can't be near them at the same time.

More swings would be great. One of those spider webby climbing things might be good too. Flying Fox as someone else suggested (though space might be a consideration!).

Areas for picnics, covered picnic tables (heaps more), bbq's.

I would really love to see the park fully fenced. There are so few fully fenced smaller parks (though Lake Mac does do this well at Pelican and Whitebridge). The unfenced part enters straight into the carpark which is not very good for kids who are 'runners'.

If Lake Mac wants to do a water park, this isn't the spot. Townsville has the best waterpark on the beachfront I have ever come across so it would require more space. Would love to see that somewhere on the lake though.

What I really love about the space at the moment is the gardens. the kids have access to non play equipment like sticks, pathways through the grasses and trees for some nature play.

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Consultation has concluded