Highlights from meeting 12 of the Wyee West Paper Subdivision Development Plan Reference Group

by kmarples,

Since the meeting in December, a number of planning studies for paper subdivision have been undertaken and reported to Council including geotechnical, bushfire threat, cultural heritage, archaeology and biodiversity. The most recent instalment was the biodiversity assessment report, which outlines requirements for offsetting the impact of future clearing within the residential-zoned part of the paper subdivision. Council staff are currently reviewing these reports which will be used to inform the engineering design.

The engineering design contract has been awarded to ADW Johnson with expected delivery of the engineering design in September-October this year. This work will form the basis for detailed cost estimate which will be prepared by an experienced quantity surveyor.

Following on from the presentation last meeting by CSIRO’s Dr John Ward on alternative energy supply options for the Wyee paper subdivision, a summary analysis of the five options and estimated costs is now available. If you have any comments or questions, please share them on Ask the project team a question.

The Reference Group discussed a range of potential infrastructure contribution options for landowners. Comments reflected on containing all infrastructure costs as much as practicable for the benefit of landowners, living costs associated with the new infrastructure, complexity of administering numerous options, and the potential for land trading to help satisfy biodiversity conservation requirement. These options were designed to enable participation from a majority of landowners, if not all. Group members were asked to consider the options further and report back with any comments or additional inclusions. We intend to invite all paper subdivision landowners to consultation events once we have further investigated and refined the contributions options.

The Reference Group was also asked to consider how Council could improve engagement with landowners. Many landowners have not made contact with Council’s project team. Greater engagement aims to increase the number of landowners participating in consultation activities and to ensure the process to create the Development Plan is inclusive, collaborative and accessible to all landowners. Suggestions are still being collected and reviewed. If you would like to tell us your preference or an idea for engaging landowners, share them on Ask the project team a question.

Group members were also advised that the Hunter Water Wyee Sewer Scheme has a dedicated consultation site, find out more at: www.yourvoice.hunterwater.com.au/wyee-sewer.

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